70Mai Dash Cam Pro As Seen On TV | Review

70Mai Dash Cam Pro As Seen On TV | Review

If you are following me for a while, you must have come to know that what are the benefits of Dash Cam in a car. Without further talking about dashcam in general, I will quickly let you know about the product which is the most effective and highly featured in the dash cam market today. The 70Mai Dash Cam Pro is not very expensive compared to other dash-cam.

70Mai Dash Cam Pro Design

70Mai Dash Cam Pro is a complete package of all the safety featured dash-cam required for your car. It is a single body built-in screen dash-cam designed in a closely-packed and unobtrusive way making it easy to get attached to the windshield. It is the first dash-cam that supports mounting using an electrostatic film which is similar to what is applied to a phone screen protector. When removed or repositioned, it does not leave any adhesive or residuals of the mark. The electrostatic film on this dash-cam is oval as you can see it below.

On the left of the dashcam is the camera which can be rotated to adjust the 140-degree viewing angle up or down.

It does not have a built-in GPS, but not to worry it supports an external GPS module that can get easily attached without coming in your line of sight.


The specification of this cool product are things that we all look for while buying a dash-cam. The 70Mai Dash Cam Pro has a high-resolution capturing view in its camera of 2592X1944 with a 140-degree angle field and an aperture of F1.8.

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Things that are a built-in feature in 70Mai Dash Cam Pro.

  1. 500mAh battery- aids in recording even when the engine is off vis motion detection feature.
  2. DeFog algorithm and Sony IMX335 image sensor for clear and hazy-free videos.
  3. Voice Control – Can set four voice commands for taking pictures, recording videos, turn wifi, and screen on/off. This makes it convenient while driving.
  4. ADAS- It gives real-time alerts and warns the driver to incase of colliding another car or lane departure.
  5. WDR – captures a vibrant and image in low or dark light situations.
  6. G-Sensor – detects a collision and saves the recorded video to emergency file preventing from being overwritten. It has 24hour parking surveillance
  7. Seamless Loop Recording – records videos in the loop of 3/5/10 minutes automatically overwriting older footages with the latest one for making memory work normally. It is ideal to use16-64GB memory card(Not Included).
  8. Built-in Wi-Fi – Has an integrated Wi-Fi system providing fast access to the Internet for ease of previewing images and downloading videos on your way of destination.

A little bit more about its Camera System:

Just to reminder what we spoke earlier the camera has a Sony IMX365, a 6-glass lens with F1.8 aperture and 2592X1944p FHD with WDR 140 degree wide angle.

The point of telling all this again is that this feature helps to capture four different resolution images. These images

with high-resolution are recorded in H.265 and lower in 2.64.

Images and videos are segmented into 640X360p that can be downloaded to the mobile app for preview purposes.

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Things it needs to have and improve.

There is a slow list of features that needs to be improved as suggested by the customers.

  1. It does not support extreme weather conditions.
  2. GPS integration
  3. ADAS implementation
  4. Difficult to insert and extract the memory card.
  5. It can be the #1 rated product if the updates have a dual-camera system.
  6. Voice recording in different languages needed.

And that’s the end of this list and the review by us.

Final Closure to the Review:

70Mai Dash Cam Pro is an ideal gadget for those looking for a user-friendly, affordable, sleek, and compactly designed dash-cam. It has excellent image quality, backup battery for recording, built-in voice control, and display for ease of viewing what’s happening ahead.

While this unit doesn’t have a second camera, this is probably one of the top single camera units right now that I’ve tested. This is mainly due to its higher than norm camera resolution and the ability to record while away. With that said, I can see now why it’s rated so highly by customers on a lot of retail sites.


I hope the review is helpful and also let us know in the comment below if you have any suggestions in regards to what’s good and what’s not. This might help our other fellow readers to make a perfect choice for their safe driving.

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