Best 360° Dash Cam of 2020 [Top 7]

Have you bought a dash cam recently or planning to buy one? Wait a moment. Does it have a 360° angle view in it? If your answer is no, then you are missing the most essential feature to have a zero blind spot view which can turn all your pleasant memories into long-lasting videos in your road trips to your favourite destination. We have curated a list of most effective & best 360 dash cam in 2020.

Go through them and select the best one for this vacation’s car trips. Let us get started.

Best 360 Degree Dash Cam Review

We have reviewed some of the Best 360 degree Dash Cam of 2020.

1. AKASO 360° Dash Camera for Cars

AKASO 360° Dash Camera for Cars
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The benefits of having Akaso 360 ° Dash Cam are just so many. They have a super wide-angle fisheye dual lens that records everything with 2k crystal image quality of whatever is in front (inside) and rear side of the car making a complete panoramic view that can create a memorable recorded journey missing no angles.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof backup camera.
  • No dead angles left, Complete view covered through the front and rear angles simultaneously.
  • Loop recording with G-sensor & Parking Monitor Function
  • Emergency lock to the footage when detects a collision.
  • Has a parking monitor to record and save videos automatically when the car is hit during parking
  • 5″ IPS Touch Screen & Real-Time Reversing Image
  • 32GB SD Card included in the package.

2. 360° Dash Cam for Car by ZENAN

360° Dash Cam for Car by ZENAN
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To experience the best driving experiences, don’t forget to install this amazing 360 ° dashcam by ZENAN. The benefits of having them on-board are they leave no blind spots with their 360 ° 1080p front and 140 ° 720p rear camera.

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They have 4 recording modes feature on the display screen which are wide mode with 180 ° viewing angle, ball mode with 360 ° allowing to rotate the picture for a full panoramic angle, around mode which shows 2 separate images from front and back of the vehicle and lastly 4 mode where we can see all the 4 images from a 360 ° view.

Key Features:

  • 4.5 ” IPS Touch Screen & 1080P FHD Recording
  • Can be conveniently used by the drivers
  • G-sensor & Loop recording
  • Reverse assistant for safe parking

3. LUU 360° Dash Cam for Car

LUU 360 ° Dash Cam for Car
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This product from LUU is yet another dash cam that makes safe driving on way to home. It has a super wide-angle dual lens that captures and records everything that’s front inside and in the rear of the vehicle.

Key Features:

  • 2K Crystal Image of the 360° panoramic view records the traffic.
  • Loop recording with the G-sensor system.
  • Monitors the car in the parking.
  • While parking automatically reverses the image for the safety of the car.
  • Easy Installation.

4. Razo d’Action 360 Dash Cam

Razo d’Action 360 Dash Cam
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This is 1# Dash Cam car accessory from Japan is now available in the USA for the first time. It is the winner of the Innovative Product Award at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA Show). It gives complete security to the vehicle with its features like G-sensor and microphone that records everything when detects a collision or simply while driving safely back home.

Key features:

  • Easy playback of Videos in 3 ways, that is download to PC and/or smartphones and having a live WIFI streaming of the video.
  •  Captures 360 ° images with dual camera systems.
  • Built-in GPS.
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5. ZYG.GG 360 ° Dash Cam

ZYG.GG 360° Dash Cam
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This 5 ” UHD resolution mirror screen dash cam with 1080p makes it perfect with it’s easy to install feature to be there in your car. They have a 4-mode switch system to view the surrounding with ultra-bright and super night vision of your journey to your perfect destination.

Key Features:

  • When the G-sensor detects a collision, it locks the video to behave as a witness to the event.
  • Loop recording will overwrite the older segments when the storage is full
  • Has 6 glass high-resolution lens that captures perfect images in a darker environment.

6. Rexing V360 Dash Cam

Rexing V360
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This discreet design model from Rexing has a 360 ° angle view to capture all your moments on your way home. It is perfect for those looking for clicking no dead angle pictures.

They not only have a 360° but also 3” IPS touch screen and auto-backup Dual front cabin and rear camera that will automatically switch to the reversing of the image when the reverse gear is engaged.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof dual-channel camera for recording from the front cabin and rearview.
  • Supports UHS-I / Class 10 or higher MicroSD cards up to 256GB.
  • Accident Auto-detection.
  • Discreet design makes it a hidden witness.

7. Dash Cam (Driving Recorder) 360° Panorama by HJJH

Dash Cam (Driving Recorder) 360° Panorama by HJJH
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With amazing features by the product from HJJH, it becomes a must-have in your car. It can capture wonderful panoramic images with an FHD 1080p 6 layered glass camera lens. It has the one-click capture upgrade, that ensures excellent picture performance.

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Key Features:

  • High sensitivity image sensor with night vision.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi function that has a reach of 100 meters.
  • Motion-detection and loop recording with a real-time system.

7 Best 360° Dash Cams In 2020

Below is the list of best 360 dash cams that you can purchase today.

  1. AKASO 360 degree Dash Camera for Cars
  2. 360° Dash Cam for Car by ZENAN
  3. LUU 360 degree Dash Cam for Car
  4. Razo d’Action 360 Dash Cam
  5. ZYG.GG 360 ° Dash Cam
  6. Rexing V360
  7. Dash Cam (Driving Recorder) 360-degree dashcam Panorama by HJJH


Dash cam is the new trendy topic in all the car-lovers circles. To find a perfect dash-cam, remember to choose one with a 360 ° angle to capture all the amazing videos which can turn to a viral topic. They also act as a perfect witness to your insurance agent, helping you to claim your insurance.

We highly recommend that you should check night-vision clarity and image quality along with a 360 ° angle, before making a purchase decision.  Let us know in the comment what other features attract you as a car lover to buy a dash cam?

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