Best NextBase Dash Cams | Full Review

Best NextBase Dash Cams | Full Review

You can find witnesses to any street incident but not as trusted and accurate as a dash cam can help you out. Must have read this everywhere on the net but what matters the most is, have you bought the right one? Else you have lost it all! In this article, we review the top NextBase dash cams. 

Before we move ahead into the products, let’s have a little intro to the brand and check out its history.

About NextBase DashCam

This Nextbase company entered the DashCam Market long back in 1999 in Surrey which makes them complete nearly 20 years and with its all-rounder quality products they have always gained the trust of the people. This eventually made them the world-leading in the Dash-Cam Market by making 80% of Users buying Nextbase DashCam in the UK Market.

They have recently launched the all-new Series 2 Range of NextBase Dash-Cams the primely focuses on providing high video quality and their key feature is that they are always coming up with dash-cam with easy installation and usage. They have pushed the boundaries of innovation and have created the Dash-cam with features like Amazon Alexa that makes the hands-free mode of using these dash-cams (322GW And after introduced Dash-cams) while having a look on road and drive safe mode. Their main concern with innovating such features is the ultimate car and user safety to bring back them to their families waiting at home.

They also provide the best features for the price they charge on their dash-cam which makes them the most seller dash-cams on One can surely buy them keeping all their worried apart if it fits under the budget they have. This was it with the Brand Intro. Now let’s move forward to get the details of the products in the all-new Series 2.

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Best NextBase Dash Cameras

Here we have reviewed the best NextBase Dash Cameras so that you can make a purchase decision.

1. Nextbase 122 Dash Cam

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122 Dash-cam is priced around $50 making it affordable for many as they don’t compromise with the key features in it. They have got a 720p Video Resolution that can capture 30 frames per second which are stored on the MyNExtBase cloud storage that helps us to view and share our amazing experiences with our family and friends while we are on the way to something.

They are geared up with Night Vision feature that brings out the best images in the low-light or dark situations. There seek and compact design makes them the most discreet models in the market.

Other Features:

  • G-Sensor And Parking Mode
  • Comes along with Click&Go Pro Mont for ease of use.
  • A 120-degree viewing angle lens.


  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Compact design with 2″ High-Resolution Screen.
  • Exclusive Click&Go PRO mount.
  • Free MyNextbase cloud storage.


  • Low Resolution in compared to other models in the Series 2.
  • Absences of Wifi and GPS options.

2. Nextbase 222 Dash Cam

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The Nextbase 222 Dash-Cam is set with a little difference in the price that’s around $80 which pulls in more features in this discreet dash-cam design. They come along with a 1080p High-Resolution image capturing power that gets 30 frames per second. Also, the angle-viewing increases to 140-degree wide and the screen size increases to 2.5″.

That’s all with advancement to this model comparing the NextBase122 Dash-Cam model. They too got the MyNextbase Cloud Storage system and also the best night vision quality.

Other Features :

  • High-Precision G-Sensor.
  • Intelligent Parking Mode.
  • 140-degree Wide Viewing Angle
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  • 1080p Higher Resolution Video Recording that’s ideal and recommended for any dash-cam
  • Ease to Use Click&Go PRO powered car mount that makes wire-free and easy to move around.
  • Increased Screen to 2.5″ for better viewing of footages.


  • This model too has an absence of Wifi and GPS option

3. Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam

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So from the NextBase 322GW Dash-Cam, there are some interesting and innovative improvements and advancements that come in Series-2. The 322GW Dash-Cam has to be the first dash-cam with the Emergency SOS Response, Bluetooth 4.2 and Wifi in it. So wondering what does this Emergency SOS in a Dash-Cam Does?

They are directly responsive to the emergency services in your location in events of any accidents or mishappens. In this response, they deliver your personal medical data such as blood type and medical history to the paramedics to aid you while rescuing. This not only brings peace of mind to the users but also helps the rescue team to provide the best aid at the unfortunate event.

Other features:

  • 1080p video recording at 60 fps capturing power.
  • 2.5” HD IPS screen with touch feature
  • 140-degree viewing angle wide
  • 10Hz GPS Module
  • AutoSync and Bluetooth 4.2
  • Built-in Wifi


  • High-Quality GPS to get easy tracking.
  • Can add-on Rear viewing camera as an optional setting.
  • They are highly compatible with the polarizing filters.


  • The price which is under the budget of $150 could be a matter of concern for many.

4. Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam

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Now here, in this model of NextBase 422GW starts the innovative feature of the Amazon Alexa, which gets you on the hand free driving journey that makes you look more on the road while you can place your calls, get your direction on your path or to play some pleasant music just through your voice commands. And What else with 422GW? They got a great high-resolution video recording at 1440p that captures 30fps with HD power. They too have the add-on features coming from 322GW of Emergency SOS response.

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Other Features:

  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.2
  • Modular capabilities of adding a rearview or cabin camera.
  • 2.5″ IPS HD touch screen for enhancing the usage.
  • Intelligent G-Sensor and Parking Mode.
  • 140-degree viewing angle.
  • Access to MyNextBase Cloud Storage


  • They got the best night vision that we all need.
  • 10Hz GPS Module
  • Built-in WiFi


  • Alexa is not directly connected to your Nextbase.
  • Quite Costly that makes it above the budget of $200.

5 Best Nextbase Dash Cams

Below is the comprehensive list of the best Nextbase dash cams available today.

  1. Nextbase 122 Dash Cam
  2. Nextbase 222 Dash Cam
  3. Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam
  4. Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam
  5. Best NextBase 512 AntiGlare Dash Cam

Heads to the End:

So to conclude, Nextbase is one of the most trusted brands in the market of dash-cam as they provide quality and innovative features to the users and brings in the ultimate car safety. They are also the UK’s award-winning dash-cam with almost 60 awards and are still counting on their journey to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Their UK-based technical experts are available for 11 hours a day, 364 days of the year with clear and strict instructions that avoid bamboozling and jargon-free information to their customers.

Get on their Contact-Us page of Nextbase to find out how to reach them. Also, go through their product registration to get all the benefits from the customer-service providers. This is the reason why more and more users provide positive reviews to this brand. You can check out the review column of these dash-cams on the Amazon.

What is the important feature that you find in a dash-cam? Do write them in the comment section below.

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