BlackSys CH-200: Best 2 Channel Dash Cam?

BlackSys CH-200: Best 2 Channel Dash Cam?

BlackSys CH-200 dash cam is the new version that can into the market this cam is an advanced version of Blacksys ch-100B. The difference is the Blacksys CH-100B has full HD in front but in the rear, it has the only HD in the updated version Blacksys CH-200 version has full HD in the front as well as in the rear camera. In rear Camera is full HD with 1080p video records 34 frames per second.

Features of BlackSys CH-200 dash cam:

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  • To give a quick device running this device offers many features. They are
  • 2.1M Sony Exmor CMOS sensor with 30 frames per second recording.
  • Built-in wifi.
  • Voltage cut off feature.
  • Motion Activated.
  • Parking mode.
  • Built-in temperature cut-off.
  • MAC and windows software.
  • WIFI Apps for both ANDROID and IOS.
  • It has an Advanced Driver Assistance System.
  • Finally, this device can take up to 256GB MicroSD space.

About device:

CAMMSYS is the biggest company in North Korea company compared to any other dashcam. It was founded in 1993. It started working on the dash cams from the past for more than 4 years.

This company is specialized in RND and producing a dash camera module for Samsung and Ranks as the 7th company in the Google market. Koreans have most of the devices with huge LCD screen HD quality dashcam.CH-100B is produced that has all qualities required by the Korean people.then after Blacksys CH-200 can with best rear camera, high storage.

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Geometrical view:

BlackSYS CH-200 has a rectangular body rather than the cylindrical one which was found on the Blackvue dashcam. It has a separate mount which the user can handle easily.

What is on the box?

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  • Manual which contains topics like Accessories, how long did the different memories can record.
  • CH-200:
  • Mount is very easy to handle.
  • It has buttons in front like
    • Volume, Wifi, ADAS, and record.
    • Sides their different slots: rear USB, GPS, OBDinput, power input and wifi adapter.
  • rear camera with GPS.
  • A USB cable that is having mini USB side for connecting rear and a macro USB for connecting the main cam. The USB cable is having a label as rear and front for connecting.
  • The memory card of 256GB.
  • Sony ExMos sensor specially provides night quality.
  • The speed is about 8 to 9mbps for front and 7mbps for the rear camera.

Capabilities of the dash cam:

  • It offers full HD in front and full HD in rearview.
  • The front unit is integrated with the Sony Exmor CMOS sensor.
  • Front and rearview of 135 degrees viewing angle.
  • During day time CH-200 front cam can contrast and the sharpness is quite a high making vehicle numbers are easily distinguishable and in the rear camera offers dynamic range video. At night times the front camera provides good sharpness and contraction and in the rear camera provides a dynamic range video. During nights also the video quality is very clear with the availability of headlight.
  • Parking mode works great as expected in the dashcam by the customers.
  • Motion detection is available in both front and rear cameras independently. In another dash cam, motion detection takes more space for storage but this dashcam occupies less space for storage.
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  • This device has a voltage cutoff feature so it doesn’t require other devices like in power magic pro. There is an advantage of maintaining or control voltage cut off with mobile phone there is no requirement of other wires for connection so shorts in connection can be avoided.
  • They provide a power cable and hardwiring kit.
  • The parking mode would be running all the time continuously.
  • This cam has the best WIFI app which can access even from home.
  • Brightness controlling action is also provided. As the user can set front and rear brightness with different brightness levels. We can set the front cam brighter than the rear.
  • The user can handle the storage through a mobile app. Users can store more important videos for a longer time into SD.
  • The user can turnOFF rear camera for parking mode and can even set the motion area.
  • The user can control the camera with compatible MAC Software .so we can adjust settings via MAC software.and can do review recorded videos in dedicated software.
  • The user can set a timer to format Micro SD Automatically either every month or a couple of weeks.
  • Formating SD Card regularly is very important.
  • This cam is One of the discrete two channels camera available on the camera.
  • This camera can support 21- languages.
  • There is a USB to connect the rear to the front camera.
  • The USB cable is thicker than Blackvue.cable won’t bend or break.


BlackSys CH-200 cam is the best cam, its available in a combination of Wifi, parking mode, and sleek design. If you have any doubts related to our product review, please drop in a comment below. 

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