11 Cool Dash Camera Features

11 Cool Dash Camera Features

No one knows what will happen the next moment and when someone is on the road, there are always chances of accidents of one kind or another. Nothing can be said in advance. In case any mischance takes place, the video recording of the accident can prove to be very useful. So, dash cams have been very useful in recent years.

Nowadays dash cams come with many features some of which are described below. These are important to consider while buying a dashcam.

11 Cool Dash Camera Features

Below are some of the coolest dash camera features, let us dig in.


Micro SD card dash cams are very good to work with mainly because micro SD cards are very small and use the same technology as bigger sized SD cards. These are compatible and are not difficult to find.

These are very useful when it comes to long drives and they allow us to insert the SD cards in our mobiles to play the videos without any efforts at all.


I think this feature is crucial. One should pay attention to the battery life of the dashcam. The ease of charging the battery of the dashcam should also be considered. Many people agreed that battery life matters more than the performance because if there is no battery, there can be no performance. light.

An advantage of this would be capturing the videos in areas where lightning is dim where the recording by poor quality cameras can be misleading at times.

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Many a time, people have to travel at nights or in foggy weather conditions and what is the use of the dashcam if it does not work in low vision conditions? So, this should be kept in mind while selecting the dashcam since a lot of accidents take place during the conditions when the vision is not that clear.


The video quality simply defines how sharp and how clear the video is. A dashcam having good video quality can protect the driver better as compared to one with lower quality. It can easily capture and record the minute details like the number plates of the vehicles and even the faces of the persons driving those vehicles at times of an accident or any other emergency. The dynamic range of the camera should be large which means it should capture any scene with widely contrasting light.


The notifications in the form of some written messages and sounds let a person know whether the camera is working properly or it has some problems. For many people, notifications are more important than the quality of the videos. The dashcam has to face different weather conditions like differences in humidity and moisture content. So, it eventually fails at some time. The notifications can let the driver know that the dashcam has some problem that needs to be solved for its proper working.


The dash cams which have lithium-ion batteries and capacitors have a unique ability that they can give the energy for saving the videos even if the camera loses power from the vehicle. These batteries are not expensive at all and are used in many dashcams. But the downside of using these is that these batteries can easily fail if the weather is hot. They swell or leak and damage the camera. However, capacitors are there to help in these conditions.

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They are far more heat resistant than lithium-ion batteries and they can last longer than them. Here again, comes the downside which is that they make the dashcam more expensive and last as long as it takes to shut down the camera which can be thought in seconds, not even in minutes.


If the dashcam does not have the wifi, one needs to pull out the SD card and load a computer program to change the settings which is time- consuming. Having wifi dash cams also allows a driver to save the past videos simply by uploading them to the cloud and accessing them anytime anywhere without any problems.

Another thing is that wifi can allow the dashcams to connect directly to the driver’s smartphone with the use of od some applications. One can easily stream and download recorded videos. Video can be downloaded instantly without even letting the person involved in an accident to know that a dash camera is installed. Then the driver can make more informed decisions on how to proceed or react.

8. GPS

GPS is another cool feature of the dash cams as it is used to log one’s speed as well as position but it does not give one the instructions about where to go. The data recorded by it is visible on a special app using which a driver can have a check on her/his route, speed and more. So, this can be even used as proof by the drivers to say that they were not speeding.

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A parked recording is a very special feature that only records when some kind of movement or shock is detected. This is very useful as it saves a lot of space on one’s memory card mainly because a driver does not want to record when nothing is happening there. This is used by many people to catch the people doing some accidents or vandalism in the parking areas.

The buffered parked recording is one step ahead of it as it records up to 5 or 10 seconds after the system is triggered which helps to capture not only the event but the seconds leading up to it.


Previously, the dash cams used to have a poor audio recording or no audio recording feature at all but nowadays, dash cams can record the audio as well. It depends on the capability of the dashcam, many dash cams, however, can record up to a good distance outside the vehicle so that the accident can be narrated with ease.


Screen size is an important feature as these days dash cams come with different screen sizes.

The Screen size of 2.7 inches is found to be perfect but different people prefer different sizes of the screens. The cost of the dash cams also differs from the screen size. Larger the camera, more the customer has to pay for it.


So, before buying a dashcam make sure you know about its main features. Just check the benefits and downsides of all the features and then only decide what do you want to get.

I hope this will help you.

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