Crosstour CR300 Dash Cam Review

A dash cam is basically a video camera that is capable of getting mounted on the dashboard or the windscreen of a vehicle and records everything that happens on the road through the windscreen. In this article, we will discuss the reviews of the Crosstour CR300 dash cam.

There are two main types of dash cams. One of them includes the dash cams which are not expensive and are from a distrusted brand and has little quality features of which you might haven’t even heard of. And the second type is of the dash cams that are expensive, have a branded quality, heavy bodies even containing touch screen and many more useful features added to them.

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Crosstour CR300 Dash Cam Review

Crosstour CR300 Dash Cam is a fantastic camera that is both cheap as well as reliable at the same time. In this article, I will try to discuss everything related to this dashcam.


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Here is a list of some very wonderful features of the Crosstour CR300 dash cam.

  • 3 Inch Large LCD Screen Car Recorder – Due to the combination of 1080P Full HD and 12MP resolution, this dash cam provides the insurance claims in case of any dispute.
  • Big Aperture And WDR Technology – This dashcam has a big aperture and a wide dynamic range(WDR) that helps to get comparatively clearer footage and image. The license plates of cars can be easily seen in low light conditions.
  • Built-In G-Sensor Car Dash Camera – Due to built-in G-sensor, this dash cam can detect any sudden shake or collision automatically and lock the footage to prevent the video from getting overwritten. So, incidents can be restored truly and clearly.
  • 170° Wide-Angle 6G Lens Car Camera – 170°wide angle lens records a larger viewing angle. Better light transmission is provided by the fixed-focus, thus recording the crystal clear video.
  • 7 Important Functions And Easy To Use – Loop recording, motion detection, turning audio on or off, license plate stamp, time stamp, auto power-off, screen saver and burst photo functions basically cover all daily driving features. It consists of one suction cup that is easy to use.
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Ease Of Use And Setup:

This dashcam is very easy to install and easy to use. The consumers say these dash cams are straight-forward and user-friendly. You just need to read the user manual throughout and all the processes seem extremely easy. Someone even said that this is extremely easy to operate, the buttons can be read easily and within a minute it starts recording.

The menus were very intuitive and that easy that anyone can follow it.  A  lot of videos are available to help with the setup and the use. Someone who installed and used this camera said that the installation of this dashcam was a breeze: the setup, as well as the installation of the camera, was really easy. It is that much easy that one does not even need to look at the constructions.

Fit Of CR300:

One review by a customer says that “Really easy to use. Very easy to remove. As I need to fit all my trucks; I sometimes need to drive several different trucks in a day and this is easy to remove and mount into some other truck.”

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Camera And Picture Quality :

Many reviews say that it has a perfect size and the camera vision has a great quality. One customer even said that you just forget about it after setting it up once. It starts recording automatically once you turn the car ON and shuts down on its own.

The suction cup keeps the camera squarely in place. People really like how you can check the video in the camera and can also download it into your computer if you need it later. This camera plugs into a 12v socket. People even say that they did not expect this much wonderful quality of videos and pictures from this small camera.

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This dashcam is a decent dash cam and very good for the price. It is cheap and worth every penny. No one can beat this camera for the price and the features it has at this price.

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Product Reliability:

This section consists of an equal positive as well as negative comments. Some people said that this dashcam is really reliable such that it worked flawlessly while others said that they had to set up the date and time after few weeks and it eventually stopped working in few months. It can be said that this dashcam is reliable but it flickers sometimes.


It is suggested by most of the customers that you reformat your video SD card from time to time to keep its operation smooth.

Build Quality:

This has more negative reviews than positive ones. People claim that the connector was cheaply made and the plastic easily broke. However, some also said that it is good for a dinner price.

Pros Of Crosstour CR300 Dash Cam:

  • This dashcam is affordable and very easy to use.
  • It produces solid video quality.
  • Its installation is very simple and suction is secure.

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Cons Of Crosstour CR300 Dash Cam:

  • The cam case of this camera feels a little cheap and the plastic breaks easily.
  • The night vision of this dash cam could be made more clear.

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