Top Dash Cams With Speedometer | Detailed Review

Dashcams that are known for recording speed in addition to other amazing features are becoming more and more popular these days due to various reasons discussed in this article. This article consists of a list of the best dash cam with speedometers along with the detailed description of each dashcam describing its important features.

This article includes cameras that represent the range of prices so that you will be able to find a dash cam with a speedometer that fits in your budget.

Dash Cam With Speedometers Reviews

We will discuss the best dash cam with a speedometer in detail.

1. SpyTec

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The SpyTec is a very good choice for a dash camera with a speedometer. The camera records high-quality videos in an impressive 1296P resolution. The completely different look of the SpyTec is nearly triangular and it gets attached easily to the windshield with the help of an adhesive mount.

The SpyTec is less likely to be noticed by any kind of prying eyes because of its unique shape, which is a good thing because a lot of thefts of dashcams are taking place these days.

The internal capacitor in this dashcam makes it a very cool choice for people living in very extreme temperatures and this device is known to accept SD cards up to 64 GB, which means it can store up to 7 hours of video before looping comes into play.

Pros Of SpyTec Dash Cam:

  • This dashcam is known to have a strong battery.
  • The Capacitor model handles high heat very well.
  • It has a clear anti-shake playback.
  • It is not that expensive.

Cons Of SpyTec Dash Cam:

  • Its mount is not easy to adjust.
  • It does not have a GPS.

2. FalconZero

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The FalconZero is a quite famous dashcam having a speedometer. This dashcam is very small and pretty attractive due to its interesting design that adds to the aesthetic of a car’s interior. It consists of several amazing features such as the motion detection surveillance and loop recording feature.

The camera of the FalconZero captures a very wide view of the road ahead, a full 170 degrees or in other words, 3 full lanes. This dashcam is manufactured out of aluminum.

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So, it is a very sturdy device that can face accidents that could easily damage other usual dashcams. In addition to these features, the FalconZero also has the WDR image enhancement feature and capability of recording crystal clear footage at night so that all of your recordings are very clear no matter when or where are they recorded.

Pros Of FalconZero Dash Cam:

  • The quality of the videos recorded is very good as it has 2 dual HD cameras and a wide-angle lens.
  • It supports SD memory cards up to 32GB.
  • This dashcam is very easy to set up and use.
  • It is capable of loop recording.

Cons Of FalconZero Dash Cam:

  • It is not considered reliable by many users.
  • Any problem with it is not addressed.


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The AUSDOM dashcam is a small square-shaped dash camera that records in 720P, 1080P, or even 1296P resolutions. The built-in GPS device in this dash camera is a powerful tool that records the exact location of your car at all times and also displays the speed of the vehicle so you can know how fast you were driving along different routes.

The AUSDOM also has the G-sensor technology that records all the crash-related incidents and saves them from getting deleted in the loop recording function or by accidental deletion. This tiny camera can support SD cards storing up to 64 GB.

Pros Of AUSDOM Dash Cam:

  • It is not that big and hence portable.
  • It has built-in WiFi and built-in GPS features.
  • It has G-sensor technology in addition to the looping feature.

Cons Of AUSDOM Dash Cam:

  • The sound is not clear sometimes.
  • Some users claim that it does not adjust to the daylight savings time.


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The KDLINKS X1 speed recording dashcam has a built-in GPS module, which, when turned on, not only tells the location of the car being monitored but the speed as well. This is done with the help of Google Maps through the software that is free with this dashcam.

Moreover, the KDLINKS X1 has a large 2.7 inches LCD screen used to watch the recorded videos and even to edit them. The KDLINKS X1 camera is known to have a fisheye wide-angle lens that records 165 degrees of the road ahead and records in high 1080P resolution, ensuring the crystal clear footage.

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The KDLINKS X1 also consists of a lithium polymer battery that can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures which means that the KDLINKS X1 is an excellent choice even in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Pros Of KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam:

  • It has the WDR recording feature with a large 165° field of view.
  • The customer service of this dashcam is very responsive.
  • The GPS feature can track the vehicle even externally.

Cons Of KDLINKS X1 Dash Cam:

  • It is not cheap.
  • It also includes sparse documentation.


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The SANSCO dashcam consists of various features that make it an excellent choice for people looking for a dash camera with a speedometer. In addition to GPS tracking and speed recording, the SANSCO also has the cool lane departure warning software, driver fatigue alert, headlight on reminders, and an over-speed alert which makes a noise alerting to tell the person driving that the speed limit has been exceeded. So, this can save you from a speeding ticket.

Moreover, the SANSCO records in an extreme HD at 1296P resolution, which means that even from a lot of distance or if the lights are bad, the SANSCO will still capture crucial details, like license plates or the faces of drivers or the signs on roads.

The SANSCO also has advanced 3D-DNR technologies and high ISO values which simply says that night recordings are equally clear like the day ones.

Pros Of SANSCO Dash Cam:

  • It is very famous for its Ultra-HDR Technology that helps in excellent night vision.
  • It includes Built-in G-Sensor for Automatic Emergency Recording.
  • This dashcam records in 2K 1296P resolution for the ultra HD quality of videos.

Cons Of SANSCO Dash Cam:

  • The suction does not work well sometimes.
  • You need to turn the motion detection off while driving.

6. Haoponer

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The Haoponer dash camera is considered one of the most economical dash cameras with speedometer, but that does not mean that its features are not cool. The Haoponer is a dual-channel dash camera that records both the front and back of your car at the same time. The unique cylindrical design of the Haopooner makes the camera able to be rotated up or down so that it can record the best shot of the road.

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The front-facing camera can record 140 degrees of the road and the back camera records 120 degrees. The GPS logger feature lets the dashcam keep a precise record of your travels, which can be downloaded later to your PCs.

Pros Of  Haoponer Dash Cam:

  • This dashcam has a built-in double lens that takes two images simultaneously.
  • It is considered a high-quality photographic element that captures the ultra-clear picture even in dark.
  • It automatically starts recording as the vehicle starts and stops it when the vehicle gets turned off.

Cons Of Haoponer Dash Cam:

  • The base of the camera cannot withstand hot weather.
  • The suction cup is known to have a problem.


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The ITRUE X6D is the first dashcam that ever had a speedometer. It has a dual-channel set up that helps it to keep an eye on the front as well as the back of your car simultaneously with two separate cameras, giving you almost total protection. The front-facing camera is triangle-shaped and can record 170 degrees of the road ahead. The rear camera of the ITRUE X6D consists of the infrared lights which help it to record during low lighting conditions to provide the user clear video even if the light is low.

Pros Of ITRUE X6D Dash Cam:

  • It has a very basic triangle design and no brackets are required for mounting it.
  • It has the feature of auto-locking important footage.
  • It provides a date stamp with a place stamp along with the recordings.
  • GPS works well.

Cons Of ITRUE X6D Dash Cam:

  • The GPS antenna is needed to be bought differently.
  • Its wires may sometimes be difficult to handle.

Top 7 Dash Cam With Speedometer:

Below is the compilation of the best dash cam with speedometer available today.

  1. SpyTec
  2. FalconZero
  6. Haopooner
  7. ITRUE X6D


A dash cam with a speedometer may be quite useful. Not only it just holds all drivers of a single-vehicle answerable for their speed, but it can also provide evidence for your speed in case of a fake report.

I hope this article helps you choose the best dashcam with a speedometer.

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