DOD RC500S Dash Cam Review

DOD RC500S Dash Cam Review

If you are looking for a high-quality and a low profile dual lens dash cam having superior night vision for a good amount of time, then DODRC500S is the one you should choose without thinking. We will cover DOD RC500S review in detail.

Although DOD RC500S is a new camera from the DOD Tech brand, still a lot of people recommend this one as the best dual camera which has an exceptional night vision.


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DOD RC500S Dashcam Review:

When you unpack the box containing this dashcam, you will see the DOD RC500S camera packed in a foam block with full care. Both front as well as rear dash camera units record in Full HD 1080p and also feature Sony STARVIS image sensors for the best quality of the recording in a wide range of lighting conditions.

A lot of people say that the DOD Tech dash cams is one of the best dashcam brands for vision at night and low light recording abilities. With the large aperture f/1.6 lens and ISO sensitivities of maximum ISO 12800, the DOD RC500S dashcams are really good when the light is low and video recording at night.

If you want a dual-lens dashcam recorder having top-of-the-line low-light performance, The DOD Tech RC500S is best for you. This dashcam has a built-in ultrafast GPS system that provides speed as well as location logging for your car. Having sleek designs and DOD Tech’s high-quality features inside it, the DOD RC500S is a very nice choice for anyone who wants a high tech and subtle dashboard camera system.

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Technical Specifications And Features:

  • Video resolution: Front 1920×1080 at 30fps; rear 1920×1080 at 30fps
  • Sensor: Sony Starvis CMOS
  • Wide-angle lens: Front- 145, aperture f/1.6 R-ear 140, aperture f/1.6
  • ISO sensitivity: Up to ISO 12800

  • Video format: H.264 .mov
  • Recording media: MicroSDHC/SDXC card (up to 128GB)
  • Audio: Microphone and speaker (mono)
  • Battery: Super-capacitor both front and rear
  • Power input: 5V 1.5A
  • Size: Front 112.6×61.5×33.4mm; rear 75.2x26x38.8mm
  • Weight: Front 120g; rear 41g
  • Operating temperature: Minus20 degrees C to 65 degrees

Front Camera:

The front camera of this dashcam is very small and even actually pretty hefty as it has a solid feel. The main features of the front camera, that are wide-angle and  6-element glass lens provides the users 145 degrees of forwarding coverage. On one side, a microSD card slot can be seen in addition to the connection ports for the micro-USB power cable and the rear camera cable. On the backside of this dashcam, an unobtrusive light display for reading WiFi connectivity, microphone, and camera recording status are present. Underneath it, a row of tangible buttons for toggling WiFi connections, microphone recording, and an event button that manually tags files to protect them from getting overwritten can be found.

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Rear-Facing Camera:

The rear camera unit is very small as compared to the front camera and it looks a lot simpler in design, but still has a high-quality STARVIS image sensor packed inside it. The wide-angle 6-element rear glass lens of this dashcam provides the users 140 degrees of coverage. On one side of it is a cable port and only one single status light on the back of this unit is present.

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Enhanced Night Vision:

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Already discussed in front camera and rear-facing camera features, this dashcam has a unique feature of recording videos very clearly at night or times whenever there is low light. So, it becomes important to discuss this feature again. Due to the presence of a SONY STARVIS sensor, wide dynamic range, and large aperture, you do not have to worry about anything while driving at night because it will record even the minute details.

Parking Surveillance Mode:

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Consisting of a dashcam hardwiring kit, the DOD Tech RC500S also supports a parking surveillance mode, which activates the dashcam and protects your car whenever you are away from it. Parking Surveillance mode basically detect objects approaching your car fast automatically only when it is parked.

The DOD RC500S can be set to begin recording on its own or be activated by any kind of impact. This is capable of giving the driver peace of mind whenever she/he has to leave her/his car unattended, even at unknown or crowded places. The mode is usually disabled in the default settings because it is able to drain and even damage the battery of your car. DOD Tech recommends installing its DP4 kit in order to maintain the protection of low-voltage if you want to use this parking mode.


As far as accessories are concerned, DOD Tech company tries to keep its dashcams very simple. The DOD RC500S dashcam comes already packaged with a standard 12v cigarette power cable, a rear camera cable, a microSD card inserted by you and an SD card adapter, a couple of replacement 3M adhesive pads for mounting the camera, and a glare-reducing lens that is polarizing for the front camera.

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The civility of DOD Tech, this cool accessory comes standard with the DOD RC500S in order to help decrease the external light and windshield glare for the recordings done by it. The only job is to simply screw the polarizing filter onto the front lens of the dashcam and adjust as required.

Additional Features:

The camera system features a very important DOD Tech favorite feature, that is, a speed camera alert, which has the work of notifying the user to hidden speed cameras in the near area. This feature is supported across most of North America and a lot of international locations.

There is also a G-Sensor Automatic Trigger system for the protection of files. It becomes active when there is an impact or emergency braking or whenever the car tilts so that you have a recording of what happened that could not be overwritten inadvertently.


If you are looking for a dashcam that records crystal clear videos in all kinds of lights (low or high), even at night, then the DOD RC500S dash cam is the best for you. It consists of very nice features, as discussed in the article. I hope it helps!

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