Back in 2006, the people of Korea used the dashcam to catch the person who had a hand in an accident with the use of video recording as the evidence. So, basically dashcam decides whether the words spoken by the victim or other people who have seen the accident or are a part of the accident are correct or not by the use of video as the solid proof. In this article, we will let you know how to select the best dash cam for you.

The throughways are not very wide in Korea and the actions involving deliberate destruction to public or private property are very common there. So, the dashcam companies in Korea designed the dashcams which can even work when the cars are not moving and are parked. So, in short, dash cams are very useful gadgets that can easily tell who has done the fault in the cases of accidents without any procrastination and verbal proofs.

The recordings are saved in the SD cards. Every two or three minutes, the video is changed which makes it easy for us to download the video of the particular instant when the accident took place. There is no tension of deleting the previous videos since the videos loop over and over. A dashcam with a larger SD card plus 10 SD cards can be trusted more as it can provide more features – faster read and write speeds and more recordings to name a few.

How To Choose A Dash Cam?

Below are some of the factors to consider if you are thinking about how to choose a dash cam.

1 Channel Dash Cam Vs. 2 Channel Dashcam

1 channel dashcam can be simply described as a system that contains only one dashcam facing the front view of the vehicle. On the other hand, as the name suggests, a 2 channel dash cam has two dashcams – one which captures the front portion and the other capturing the rear. According to my, if you have to choose between 1 channel and 2 channel systems, then go for the 2 channel systems without any doubts because who knows when one needs something to be recorded by the rear dashcam.

There are many examples when the rear camera was able to record the accident and even the number plates of the vehicles involved in the accident clearly.The only bad point of this I see is that this system is not cheap at all. It is near $600 in one go.So, the dashcam companies decided to work on this issue and they came up with new dash cams that are only 2 years old. However, this new system does not have that many good reviews and needs to be improved.

There are complaints about rear camera not getting connected when needed the reason behind which is that in this setup, the SD card is inserted to the front unit and it is the front unit that is directly connected to the computer. These days, many companies are coming up with methods to overcome this as well.So, this issue is being resolved. BlackVue is one of the best when it comes to two-channel systems though still, the Korean companies are trying not to move toward HD VGA or HDMI.

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Above all, even the best two-channel system works on a computer for both the front and rear part which can anytime cause a problem. SD card too fills very quickly and the quality of the rear camera can also not be thought of something very good. If I talk about Korea here, I can say people there do not care about the video quality because the hit and run cases are very high there. Improvements are being done every day.

Lcd Vs. Non-lcd Dash Cams

When it comes to choosing between LCD and NON-LCD, then do not even think before going with the LCD ones simply because these make everything very easy and fast. One can very easily see the recorded videos or do changes in the settings just by touching buttons. However, in many parts of the world, people do not find it safe to leave anything valuable in the car. Moreover, an LCD dash cam can easily attract anyone as it is visible from a distance. WI-FI DASH CAMS Nowadays, dashcam companies are focusing on making the dash cams able to use the wi-fi systems. But, most of the people do not know what it means to have wi-fi dash cams.

If you think these dash cams can let you see the live videos anytime you wish to see them then you too are wrong here. It can be thought like this, imagine a Bluetooth connection between your mobile and your dashcam. One has to turn the dash cams off when she/he wants to access the wi-fi system.

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It is as simple as connecting the Wi-Fi module that is built inside the dashcam to your mobile phone. The main aim of this is to make anyone able to watch the videos at the times when they are required. Some applications can be used to download those videos to your mobile phones. The drivers who have to cover long distances find this feature best because they do not have to carry their laptops with them and they can anytime download the videos to their mobile phones without even removing the SD cards.

Suction Cups Vs. Non -suction Cups

Many dash cams have a suction cup mount whereas some do not have it at all. Selecting one from these, I would say that a suction cup mount is good for the drivers who have to travel very large distances or those who have drive different cars every day or people having many cars mainly because one can easily mount the same dashcam in different vehicles.

As everything comes with its downsides, the downside of these dash cams is that the suction cup makes the device much more visible from the outside which makes it easy for the dashcam to attract the thieves. Moreover, in order to get a good quality video.

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