How To Install A Dash Cam

Dashcams are very popular these days. They have become the necessity of the time and it is very crucial to update with the upcoming technology and using new gadgets. So, dash cams are something which needs to be installed in almost every vehicle for the safety of the vehicle and simple because dashcams are able to record the accidents precisely and it becomes very easy for the police to catch the person who is really responsible for the accident or any other kind of crime recorded by the dashcams.

In this article, I will try to explain how to install a dashcam in your vehicle in a way that you do not have to think about turning it on and off every time you get into or leave your vehicle.

Requirements: The requirements are any dashcam, hard wiring, and the SD card which is to be inserted into the dashcam for recording purposes.


  1. Unpackage the dashcam.
  2. Attach the mounting pad to the dashcam by using the adhesive provided in the same box as the dashcam.
  3. Find the perfect place on the windshield where you want to fix your dashcam. Be careful and make sure that the dashcam does not affect your visibility.
  4. Clean up the glass carefully especially the area where you want to install the dashcam and stick the adhesive.
  5. Put the double-sided tape given with the dashcam on the dashcam’s mounting bracket.
  6. Remove the protective backing from the other side of the tape and then stick the mounting bracket of the dashcam to the place of the windshield you have selected.
  7. Give the mounting bracket about 20 to 25 minutes after its installation before the actual installation of the dashcam as it is written in instructions of almost every dashcam.
  8. After waiting for the recommended time, stick the dash came to the mounting bracket by removing the outer covering of the adhesive.
  9. Now it comes the time of hard wiring the dashcam to the vehicle. (The dashcam companies provide wiring with the dash cam but it is not that good or hard. I will recommend you to use another hardwire kit purchased by you so that you would not face any trouble in the future. Buy a wire kit that includes at least two different kinds of fuse tapes so that you can try using both and find the one which fits your vehicle the best. Moreover, the good quality hard wires can drop down the voltages to almost half.
  10. Then take the cable and plug it into the dashcam. After that, take the wire up the headliner and then move it in a way that it does not become visible from the outside. Run it on the A-pillar and reach the fuse box of your vehicle.
  11. Remove the covering of the fuse box and replace one of the fuses in it with the fuse tap from the kit. Put another fuse tap into the first one in a way that one fuse slot would convert into two.
  12. You need to find a fuse that provides power only when the ignition takes place. This is because we want our dashcam to work only when our vehicle is moving. There is a way you can find it easily. Take a multimeter and turn Direct Current (DC) on. Then take the red ( positive) cable and put it in exposed metal pins on the fuse. Afterwards, take the negative cable and find a ground to put it into it. Now, if the multimeter shows that the power is on while touching the ground, then it means it is not the fuse we are looking for because it will let the dashcam on all the time. Try the other fuses and find the one which shows zero volts.
  13. Further, you can also try starting your vehicle if the fuse chosen by you shows some voltage. If it does, then it is the best fuse for the replacement purposes.
  14. Take the wire coming out of the dashcam of your vehicle and put it into the other side of the fuse tap to establish a connection.
  15. Crimp the places where you connected the wires and then firmly attach the fuse tap to the ground found earlier.
  16. Wrap the excess wire and tuck it properly so that no wire is left outside the fuse box. Reinstall the covering of the fuse box.
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These are all the steps one needs to follow for the proper and safe installation of the dashcam. It is equally important to check whether the dash cam works after this or not.

Do not forget the most important thing- the SD card. Remember inserting it in the dashcam because, without the use of the SD card, the dashcam will not be able to store the recorded videos.

So, these are some easy steps which anyone can follow in order to install a dashcam. Not only this, following the above steps will enable one to easily give a clean and nice look by proper wiring and will reduce the tension of the driverĀ  about turning the dashcam on and off because we have used some steps which connect the dashcam to the fuse which only turns it on while the vehicle is moving and for the rest of the time, it is simply off.

Use these steps to easily install is a really amazing small device in your vehicle without any problem at all.

Hope this helps you.

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