How To Use A Dash Cam? Installation | Tips And Tricks

No one knows what will happen the next moment and when someone is on the road, there are always chances of accidents of one kind or another. Nothing can be said in advance. In case any mischance takes place, the video recording of the accident can prove to be very useful. So, dash cams have been very useful in recent years, let us learn how to use a dash cam properly.

But still many people do not know how to install and use the dash cams properly.
So, I will try to explain the proper way of installing and using dashcams which can prove to be something very beneficial.

How To Use A Dash Cam Correctly

Installation And Set Up Of The Dash Cams

When someone purchases the dashcam, everything she/he needs to know is already included in the box. So, the first thing you need to do is to read the instructions properly and then go for the installation of the dashcam in your vehicle.

After the installation process, the use of dashcam should be done by keeping some points in mind which are mentioned below. Most of the modern dash cams are very easy to use.
They work like you just need to install them and start.  They will start recording.

Points To Remember

  • The suction pad should be connected to the dashcam at first and the USB cable of the dashcam should be inserted into the car charger only after that. Use of suction pad plays an important role as it saves or protects the dashcam against the windscreen.
  • The place to install the dashcam should be selected carefully. One of the highly recommended places is behind the rearview mirror at the passenger’s side. This will not block the vision of the driver and will capture everything carefully.
  • Any excess wiring should be tucked in the ceiling of the car or any other place because if left outside, it can come in between the outside view and driver and may block the vision for a while. Accidents always take place because of little mistakes. So, care should be taken.
  • A car’s power socket should be used to insert the charger end of the dashcam. It will help the dashcam to record all the events after the car starts and it gets power and will stop recording when the car goes at rest.
A Beginners Guide to Dashcams / Car DVR Cameras

  • If a person sometimes switches off the engine and still leaves the car’s power on, the dashcam can be turned off anytime just by clicking the power button.
  • Anyone may want to change the settings of the dashcam. It is very easy to do. In order to change date or time or any other settings of the dashcam, click the REC button which is usually the middle button on the right It will simply stop the dashcam from recording. After that, click the button having MENU written on it which is the last button on the left side in most of the dash cams. It will open two menu levels on the screen and if one wants to go to the second level, she/he can press the MENU button twice. After that, it becomes very easy to go the desired option by scrolling and if someone wants to select any item for changing it, she/he can press the REC button for it. This is how changes can be done very quickly.
  • The dash cams record using a loop system that works like this. Once the memory card which is inserted in the dashcam is full, it will automatically tape over the oldest recordings and will start recording the new ones. So, you need to make sure that you save any important recordings. It entirely depends on the size of the SD card that how much data is stored by the dash cams. In HD dash cams, 1 GB data is stored in 6 to 7 minutes of recording which simply means the original recordings will be overwritten every three hours in a 32 GB SD card. So, do not forget to save the important¬† recordings before they are
  • Make sure that you have Wi-Fi inbuilt in your dashcam. Most of the modern dashcams have this feature. It makes the use of dashcams easier as this feature allows us to connect the dashcam to our smartphones and any video recording can be saved very easily. Transfer of data takes place without the help of removing SD cards and using computers to store the files.
  • High resolution comes with a lot of oof benefits but it has its downsides as well. High resolution simply means more storage memory and lesser time in which you have to save the recordings. These days, most of the dash cams come with anti-glare lenses which do not let the images to become blurry and can capture even the details of number plates very clearly. So, in order to get a clear recording, everyone should prefer the high-resolution dashcams. Make sure your dashcam has high resolution, HD properties.
  • It is also important to get a dashcam which has GPS which can prove to be very useful to anyone. You can have a track of your journey or can know where your child is if this feature works on the dashcam of your vehicle.
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Installation of dashcam in a proper way is a must but one must also know about its important features and how to use a dash cam under different circumstances. Read all the instructions provided by the dashcam company very carefully.

I hope this article will increase your knowledge of the proper usage of the dashcams in your vehicles.

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