KDLINKS DX2 Dash Camera | Full Review

KDLINKS DX2 Dash Camera | Full Review

The dashcam has become a necessity of the time mainly because of the increase in the crime rate. A lot of people want these little accessories to work the best for them. So, it is very important to know about the features of the dashcam you are going to buy in detail so that you do not face any problem in the future. In this review article, I have discussed KDLINKS DX2 dashcam for your vehicle in detail.

The complete heading of this dashcam model is the KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD 1080P Front 720P Rear 290 Degree Super Wide Angle Car Dash Cam With G-Sensor and WDR Superior Night Mode which clears a lot of things about this dashcam.

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Technical Specifications And Features:

  • The exposure is adjustable.
  • The front video resolution of upto1080p, and rear resolution of up to 720p.
  • Wide dynamic range feature.
  • 165-degrees front viewing angle and 125-degree viewing angle for the rear camera.
  • Built-in battery 3.7V, 200mAh, which is resistant to heat.
  • The date stamp on the footage.
  • MOV video file format.
  • Audio recording feature.
  • Can take the Micro SD or Micro SDHC memory card types up to 32GB.

Design Of KDLINKS DX2:

The KDLINKS DX2 dashboard camera is known to have a 3.5x2x1.4 inches dimensions and its weight is 5.33 ounces. So, this dashcam is light in weight which makes it ideal for the mounting on the dashboard because the best dashboard camera has to be light so that there is no pressure on the mounting mechanism. When you buy, the KDLINKS DX2 dash cam includes a 16GB micro SD making the dashcam ready for use. DX2 like most of the other dashboard cameras consists of a memory lock feature that is used to disable the overwriting of the SD card by the standard loop recording feature when it does not have enough space and the locked video clips are never ever overwritten.

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Front And Rear Camera:

KDLINKS DX2 dashboard camera has both the front as well as rear cameras. The front camera is very simple to program and the rear camera does not even require any programming at all. It is very easy to install the front camera is simple. You might require  3M Damage-free hooks during the installation process. These can be connected with the help of the retractable adhesive strips that are already there in the package and the pieces do not leave any residue at all.

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The KDLINKS DX2 dashcam uses two cameras for a very good recording of each and every event taking place on road. While driving, any driver would need two cameras because the roads are getting dangerous day by day. The front camera has 1080p resolution in addition to a 165-degrees viewing angle, which is pretty wide to see everything. It is not able to turn 360 degrees due to the presence of the cables.

The rear camera has a 720p resolution and coverage of 125-degree. The DX2 dashboard camera has a Nikon lens having an f/1.6 aperture that guarantees very good quality footage even in situations when the light is low. KDLINKS DX2 dashcam has the feature of continuous loop recording which overwrites the oldest recordings when there is no memory left for the more recordings. With the help of this, you do not have to worry about running out of memory when you have to record something important.

Wide Dynamic Range:

Both the front as well rear camera of this dashcam has a wide viewing angle with sharp and bright picture quality. The rear camera is quite proficient at picking an excellent driver’s view in the car when the driver has to stop in traffic. The rear camera then makes it able to record any encounters from the backside. During the journeys at nights, the night front view of the camera is very sharp as well as clear around the metro areas that are when you are around the street lights or the stores. During the night, the rear camera is not very clear due to the use of the headlights. On the other hand, it is for sure that both the cameras record footage separately.

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G-Sensor Feature:

Nowadays, most of the dashcams have a feature that makes it able to lock some particular recordings so that they do not get overwritten due to loop recording. A user will barely want to miss even the slight bumps or the knocks on the road. No matter how mild they are, they may result in a user losing either the front or rear bumper. No matter how much care you do and how much conscious you are, you still have to go for some repairs. When the damage is not because of your mistake, the authorities or insurance will need some kind of evidence. The KDLINKS DX2 dashcam is known to review the earlier recording before the occurrence of the event. You can then easily report a claim by using the proof of the astral car.

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Pros Of KDLINKS DX2 Dashcam:

  • The installation of this dashcam is very easy and simple.
  • The images were taken and the videos recorded by this dashcam are very clear even without the use of any kind of filters.
  • The front camera is able to rotate up to 180 degrees in case it is needed to do so.
  • The appearance is liked by a lot of people as it is quite stylish since the body of the camera is black and has a bright light filter.

Cons Of KDLINKS DX2 Dashcam:

  • It is considered stressful for many people to mount the front camera because a user one to unscrew the camera and unplug the cables if she/he wants to remove it.
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This dashcam is considered fantastic by many people who have used it and it can be trusted ass it is from a company that has a proven track record. It is one of the best in the market right now however it is in quite good competition with some other dashcams which are also excellently designed and manufactured by top brands. If you are looking for the best, this dashcam will for sure lives up to all your expectations and undoubtedly consists of all the features one may think of in a dashcam.

After going through this review article, you are probably aware of a lot of features of this dashcam and can decide whether or not you should consider buying it. I hope it helps!

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