Old Shark Dash Cam Review

Old Shark Dash Cam Review

If you are looking for a low priced budget dashcam priced well under $100, you may consider this full HD dash camera from OldShark. Being available just at around 60 bucks, it has some of the best Amazon user ratings for a dashcam in this price range. Let us discuss the main points from our Old Shark dash cam review.

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Old Shark Dash Cam Review:

What sets this dashcam apart from the other cheaper dashcams is its very wide lens angle of 170 degrees and parking mode that detects if there is a crash or impact on your vehicle when you are not around. It also has a good quality 3 inches LCD screen used to view footage, however, most screens are only 1.5 inches wide.

In our Old Shark dash cam review, I have put light on some of the features of the OldShark to give you a good idea of whether or not this is the right dashcam for you.

Specifications Of Old Shark dash cam:

  • Dimensions: 3.4 x 1.2 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 4.3 ounces
  • Video: Full-HD Video 1920*1080 at 30 fps
  • Photo: 12MP, JPG file
  • Chipset: Novatek NT96650
  • Display: 3.0 inches LCD
  • Lens Angle: 170°
  • Storage: MicroSD (class 10) up to 32GB (included)
  • GPS: No
  • G-Sensor: Yes
  • Temp Range: Operating -50°F to 160°F
  • Audio Recording: Yes (on/off option)
  • Dual Dashcam: No
  • Model Number: T105
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Crystal Clear Videos:

This dashcam has an excellent feature of  Wide Dynamic Range. This feature makes this dashcam able to take very clear pictures and record videos in all kinds of dark and brilliant locations. It is also integrated with IR light and also integrated with external lights and thus it produces very impressive video quality during both days as well as night.

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Loop Recording:

In our time with the Old Shark dash cam review, it records smooth video and saves it at the same time. When the SD card gets full and becomes unable to save more footage, it overwrites the earliest opened video so that the newer footage can be saved in place of that. This is known as loop recording. You do not need to change SD cards or delete older videos. The length of each video can be set by you according to your preference.

Plug and Start:

Whenever the dashcam is switched on, it starts recording immediately with the engine ignition on. It gets switched off immediately soon after the engine of your dashcam is turned off. This automatic on and off function uses to all automobiles other than those which are coupled off with their cigarette lighters continuously on.

Crash Detection Mode For Detection During Driving :

When an accident or crash is encountered, the highly-sensitive G-sensor locks the video recorded at that time. The level of the sensitivity of the G-sensor can be set to low, high and mid-levels as preferred by you.

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Vibration Detection For Detection During Parking:

This dashcam works as a parking guard. It is instantly switched on and starts recording when vibration in the form of voice or shock is found. This means the driver does not have to worry about her/his car if she/he has parked it anywhere and is not around. This makes it easy for the users to park their vehicles in the areas which are newer or crowded.

Movement Detection During  Parking That Requires Hardwire Package:

When this dashcam spots any kind of motion such as somebody near your vehicle or car starts moving, the dashcam immediately records the footage for a couple of seconds, then stops after brief recording. It is recommended to turn this function off in everyday normal usage, otherwise, it could not record constantly.

Security Capacitors:

Operating environment temperature level of this dashcam is from -50 ° F to 160 ° F. With the presence of aluminum shell, surface area temperature level might get greater than the real temperature level but it does not impact the functioning of this device. Summer season is very hot and when you are not in your vehicle, the air conditioner is off, it is recommended to get rid of the item to a dubious location, and do not put it in the area which has direct exposure to the sun for a long time.

Other Main Characteristics Of Old Shark dash cam:

  • Ultra HD Resolution- This dashcam records videos in complete HD 1920X1080P video at 30 frames per second, takes 12M high-quality images. It also offers clear video evidences to insurance coverage and policy in case you need them and thus makes your life more simpler.
  • Easy to Setup- This dashcam immediately switches on and records when the engine of the car starts and it shuts off quickly after the engine is turned off. It is very easy to install it to the windscreen, links power cable television and the automobile DVR recorder as the automobile begins to work.
  • 24 Hr Screen-With extremely wide 170 degrees angle, this vehicle electronic camera is able to catch a sweeping view of the roadway and safeguards you from a phony mishap. Since it is integrated into IR light and even integrated with external lights, it produces impressive quality videos at night.
  • 8 Powerful Functions-Integrated G-sensor that enables the car electronic camera to lock and catch proof whenever a crash is spotted. Another 8 important functions performed by this dashcam are: Movement detection, parking display, loop recording, SOS lock, timestamp, Instantaneous playback, WDR aid to secure your cars in both owning and parking.
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If you are looking for a good quality dashcam at less than a $100  in the “budget” dash cam range, no matter it is for driving long distances, your delivery job or daily work, the OldShark dashcam is recommended over many of the other dash cameras in this price range.

I hope this review article helps you to figure out whether or not this dashcam is the one you are looking for or not.

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