OWL Dash Cam Review | A Good Choice?

OWL Dash Cam Review | A Good Choice?

Nowadays the car cams play an important role in order to protect the car from damages. There are many different types of dashcam came into the market while the time was going there are some dash cams that have unique features that came into the market. The OWL Car cam has come into markets with unique features. That calls for a full Owl dash cam review.

Owl Dash Cam Review

Let us begin with our Owl dash cam review, and if you consider purchasing it or not!

Geometry Of The Device:

  • It has a rectangular shape in the front.
  • It has a parallelogram on its sides. and
  • it has a rectangle with reducing sides than the front.


  • In our time with Owl car cam review we found that it has a cam in front of the inside view of the car and a cam at the backside for an outside view of the car.
  • Locking beam is giving a more secure connection.
  • Talk tool which helps in the installation of the cam.
  • After installing we have a barcode display on the front of the cam.
  • To pair the owl car cam app click on barcode and press add camera.
  • It can record everything inside and outside of the car.

Use of Touch Screen:

Using Touch Screen we can perform two operations. Firstly by tapping the screen to the downside in order to off the display of inside view. Secondly, we can also tap the touch screen up to turn on the inside view of the car.


We can also tap the touchscreen to enable the settings the setting options are:

  • Brightness: we can increase or decrease the brightness manually.
  • Volume: we can increase or decrease the volume manually.
  • Inside cam/Audio.
  • Display.
  • Tap to create a clip: this option helps in making clips and share with others.

Advanced Features:

  • It can detect any collision happens to the vehicles and sends a notification to the mobile as a movement detected when the movement is detected then lights of cam turns on and records the video.
  • In the mobile App, we the various clips of the videos with different colors like red, green, and yellow.
  • Red marked clips represent instant video alters.
  • Green marked clips represent infant Audio Alert.

Clips option in the app for access video, to increase the zoom and to add filters, time and location settings and we can also share clips with others.


This owl car cam comes with super exciting features, so everyone can see the exiting features and enjoy the advantages of the latest new cam.

Enjoy the safe travel with the new owl car cam which is embedded in with the best features and advantages. This was our full Owl car cam review. If you have something to say, please drop a comment below!

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