Detailed Raven Dash cam Review

Detailed Raven Dash cam Review

The Raven Connected Car System is an extraordinary dash camera having a few extra features that make it different from a traditional dashcam. We will do a detailed Raven dash cam review today!

In place of just being a normal camera, the Raven boasts internal and external cameras, a security system, mobile app integration, GPS navigation and much more. I will try to explain a la lot of details on Raven dash cam later in this review article.

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Features Of Raven Dash Cam:

  •  Full HD 1080p recorded video and 720p while live-streaming
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 64-bit Hexa-core CPUs
  • Sensor:
    Front Cam: Sony STARVIS
    Interior Cam: OmniVision CMOS
  • Lens Angle: Front 140 degrees, Interior 130 degrees
  • Display: 2 LCD Displays at 320 x 320
  • Storage: 16GB internal memory, expandable up to 512GB microSD card (class 10)
  • GPS: Yes
  • G-Sensor: Yes
  • Motion Detection: Yes
  • Connectivity: LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Battery or Capacitor: Battery
  • Dual Dashcam: Yes
  • Model Name: Raven Connected Car

Raven Dash Cam Design:

The design of Raven dash cam is pretty simple. It is basically a black plastic box, roughly in the shape of a rounded sound. It has two 320×320 LCD panels on its front, in addition to two cabins facing cameras. On the backside is a road-facing camera.

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The setup process is quite simple but it is considered lengthy. The base sticks to the dashboard, or it can be mounted upside-down on the front window. Then you just have to slide the Raven dash cam onto the base and connect it to your car with the help of the included data or the power cable. The remaining process is done on the phone.  

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After downloading and opening the mobile app, you will be prompted to make an account and pair with the Raven dash cam. After doing that you just have to simply set up your dashcam and it becomes ready to function.

Raven Mobile App:

The Raven mobile app is designed very well and it is very easy to navigate, which can not be said for many other IoT devices. The Raven app has a lot of quality in it, as opposed to a lot of barebone apps for cheaper cameras. The dashboard of the app consists of a live view from both the front camera as well the rear camera on the top half of the screen, the location of your car, problems with your car, level of fuel in the car, and current speeded on a small banner situated in the middle of the screen, and trip sharing and navigation features at the bottom.

Every trip taken by you is monitored by the Raven and every single trip is organized in a miniature calendar so that you can look back at specific trips. It also consists of a map of the route you have taken whenever you began and stopped driving, and it also records the distance you traveled. There is also a trip card that basically represents the summary of every trip taken by your car.

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A time-lapse video of the footage recorded while driving starts and stops, detailed maps of the route taken, fuel economy and speed data, driving events, and specific video clips of any kind 2of driving incidents or events that happened along the way can be seen. In case the user wants to customize the Raven’s dashboard, the app is the best way to do that.

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It helps you choose a wide variety of different features to put on your camera, from very common things such as the fuel level, clock, and temperature to very specific statistics such as the altitude, elapsed time, and live traffic. This feature of the app is considered great by the people who wish to see a lot of data on their car. Similar to many other dashcam apps, the Raven app consists of a library to store all your recordings.

In addition to this, it also consists of customizable alerts that warn you about certain driving behaviors and even vehicle maintenance that is considered a trusted circle feature to allow some people to check in on the place and drive reports for insurance-related claims or expense related reports. In this way, this app is chock-full of many amazing features and is organized in a clean, stream-like format.

Clicking Pictures With Gestures:

This dashcam lets you capture photos with gestures so that these memories can be kept and may be shared late. This feature is especially beneficial for young drivers. Parents can have feedback on driving skills, accident alerts, and keep tabs on where their children are. Even the vehicle itself can be maintained with the Raven as it is able to send you alerts if there is a problem with your car or give you service reminders regularly.

More Cool Features:

This camera has a lot of features that are very useful. It adds security to your car and it has a parking guard that lets the user know if the car is being used in some way. Raven dash cam consists of an exterior camera that records an information interior camera that records at 720p. It also built-in an intense Snapdragon processor.


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Both the front as well the rear camera has a time-lapse feature. Built-in navigation delivery features are also available. There is also a sharing feature, Bluetooth, WiFi, and a 4G LTE connection in this dashcam.


After reading this Raven dash cam review article, you may notice that this dash cam is not a simple event data recorder that just sits in your cars. It is a live streaming platform that doubles the monitor performance of an engine.

I hope this article helps you decide that whatever you are looking for is available this dashcam or not.

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