Solutions to Dash-Cam Recording Errors.

Solutions to Dash-Cam Recording Errors.

Got a dash-cam? Have troubleshot recording your videos on way to your safe journey? Whatever brand of dash-cam it is, still each has its own problems. But not to worry, the problems always come in hand with solutions. And you are on the right page to find them.

How to solve Dash-Cam Recording issues?

Let’s examine a few of the most common errors or issues and their solutions.

Problem 1. Suddenly ceased recording.

Solution: If you have a small SD card, then firstly switch off motion detection feature, this will stop the recording in case it detects there is no motion in front of the camera. And if you have a high-spaced large MicroSD, then you will not have to deactivate this feature.

Problem 2. Dash-Cam connection not established after ignition of the car.

Solution: Usually this can happen in case the internal battery of the car is heavily discharged when ignited after a long while. If the dash-cam does not establish a connection, wait for a while till there is sufficient energy from the power adapter to get the dash-cam batteries charges and power up the dash-cam. In case, this is not the problem, try changing the batteries to a new one. That might help for sure.

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Problem 3. Unresponsive Screen of the Dash-cam.

Solutions: This could be because you must have enabled the power-saving mode or have turned off the backlights. And this could be because in this feature the LCD screen goes off after a selected time which gives the impression that the record has stopped.

In case you have a white or blurred screen, press the reset button or root it. Further increased problem, contact the factory helpline for warranty support.

Problem 4. Fragmented recording.

Solution: There can be various reasons for this irregular or fragmented recording issue.

1. Issues with the Memory card.

  • Writing speed of the SD card: Check the writing speed of your microSD, in case it is lower than Class 6 it can corrupt the files. Replace it with high-speed MicroSD.
  • Faked SD cards: These days there are many fake products in the market. If you have a fake one, it will not perform up to the mark especially while recording high-resolution images. Hence causing recording issues.

Note: There are programs such as HD Tune, helping to check the speed and data transfer rate of the memory card.

  • Compatibility and life of the SD card: Check whether the SD card you have got is compatible with the dash-cam you are using. Also, check the storage capacity of the SD cards. SD Cards with short storage have to be constantly erased, which can easily breakdown that affects the video recording to stop.

2. Issues with the power supply or the adapter of the car.

  • Always ensure that the fuse at the end of the adapter is not blown off. Damaged cables can be the cause of this.
  • Stop/Start Engine Vehicles need to have a 12V power adapter, which should be anchored properly into the car power socket.
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Problem 5. Dash-cam screen displays ‘Card-Full’ or ‘Card-Error’.


Display ‘Card Full’:

While enabling the loop recording function, set the length of each video clip to 1/2/3 minutes or 3/5/10 minutes mode according to your dash-cam settings. Otherwise, long videos will make the memory card full and always displaying ‘Card Full’ on the screen.

Displays ‘Card Error’:

It is displayed when the memory card is corrupted. Transfer all the important footages and format it using the card menu option.


There can be many other causes like over-heated dash-cam or color-changed of the screen which causes a ceased recording. To be assured of all this problem, select the standard dash-cam from the trust-worthy brands like RExing, Nextbase, Toguard, Garmin, Thinkware and the list doesn’t stop in this highly competitive market. But we highly recommend the ones mentioned. Also, buying a genuine MicroSD card is very important for the proper functioning of any brand dash-cam.

Let us know in the comment which Dash-cam and MicroSD along with it you have planned to buy for the safety of your journeys?


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