Top 10 Worst Big Truck Wreck Videos Ever

Top 10 Worst Big Truck Wreck Videos Ever

Wrecks are really bad, especially when there are people involved in them. Sometimes they take place due to nature’s involvement or due to the pure carelessness of the driver not following the driving laws. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the worst big truck wrecks that happened.

We recommend you to definitely use a dash camera as if in case something similar happens to you can show it as proof for claiming insurance (if exists in your country).

Big Truck Wrecks Videos

Here we are going through our list of bad big truck wrecks ever happened in the entire history.

1. Mexican Bus – Semi-Truck Crash

This deadly crash happened in New Mexico in August 2018, the semi-truck blew a tire and crashed head-on to the bus. There was debris all on the road and there were some people still trapped in the bus. It was one of the horrible big Truck wrecks that ever took place in Mexico.

Survivor describes horror in New Mexico bus and semi-truck crash

2. BeamNG

BeamNG is a Youtuber, who posts videos about various vehicles and simulates them for a crash. In this video you can see some big truck wreck videos and they react to different objects simulated on the road in various different scenarios.

BeamNG: Big Truck Wrecks

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3. Semi Truck Texas Crash

This truck accident happened just before the new year of 2020 on Texas highway. This fatal truck crash video was recorded by a KCBD photographer, Caleb, and he claims he had never seen anything like this happen before!

semi truck crash texas highway sot kcbd

4. Crash Nearby Disney World

This incident happened in July 2019, and the dash camera recording this fatal accident video shows that the damage the horrible truck crash had caused, including the death of 7 people from Louisiana.

New video shows deadly crash with church van on way to Disney World | 10News WTSP

5. The Interstate 55 Crash

On a normal Wednesday evening in Illinois, February 2017, and unstable semi truck ran out of control due to the traffic requiring sudden braking and skidding because of the snow on the road.
This incident, however, did not kill anyone.

Interstate 55 pileup in snow caught on camera in 4K - Elkhart, Illinois - February 8, 2017

6. Amarillo Wreck

A sudden brake failure happened in the Apil of 2019, this fatal truck crash video was being recorded by a passerby’s dash camera. It happened because of the semi-truck being unable to control the load being attached to it.

4-10-19, Semi Truck Wreck on Video, Amarillo TX

7. The Homicide Crash

This Denver crash is a different incident where the driver said the crash happened due to brake failure but upon further investigation it revealed it was by the grave mistake by the driver to not slowing down on the twisties.

I-70 Semi Crash Suspect Had Opportunities To Stop, Expert Says

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8. Big Truck House Crash

This speedy big truck crash took place in Northwest China in January 2017, killing 5 people. The video clearly shows the driver lost control of the truck leaving him with no choice.

Five Dead after Truck Crashes into Homes in Northwest China

9.  Wyoming Pileup

This accidental big truck wreck happened in February 2020, due to the fact the entire road was covered with sand, leaving no clear view for the driver. This footage was taken from the driver’s dash camera, showing how necessary it is to have it.


10. Head-on Truck Crash

The truck driver tried to overtake a fellow big truck driver forcing him to go on the wrong side of the road, which eventually led him to take heavy head-on damage.

Truck head on accident very scary. Trucker with dash cam was very lucky or he was gona get hit.


So this was our compilation of the best big truck wrecks that ever took place. We shall add more of such videos regularly.

Please leave a comment below, telling us which among these you found most horrifying.

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