How To Use A GoPro As A DashCam?

It is super easy to use a GoPro as a dashcam because you only have to take a GoPro, a suction cup mount and fit it in the windshield of your car. GoPro cameras are very versatile and easy to use. These are very useful in a number of situations but when it comes to using it as a dashcam, you may see some of its limitations.

Let us dive in!
Before explaining how one can use a GoPro as a Dash cam, let us see what these both cameras actually are and how are they used.

What is A GoPro?

At the core, a GoPro is a tiny camera that is used to take the best qualities of point-and-shoots and pack those into a rugged frame that is very small, waterproof, and indestructible.

What Is A DashCam?

A dashcam is an onboard camera that is used to continuously records the view through a car’s front windscreen and sometimes rear and even other windows.

Limitations Of GoPro As A Dash Cam :

1. Does Not Turn On And Off By Itself:

If you are going to use GoPro as dash cam then, whenever you get into your car and start driving, you will have to turn your dashcam on manually. There is no other way you can turn it into an automatic camera like the original dash cams.


2. Limited Memory :

If you have to drive for hours, then it might be a problem for you to record everything because the memory of the GoPro will be filled eventually and you will have to erase the old recordings to record newer ones.

Solution To The Limitations:

Below is one of the solutions for using a GoPro as dash cam.

Using Backpack By CamDo:

There is an accessory that is like a backpack sold by the company named Cam Du which gets attached to the back of the GoPro and will add some more features to the camera which makes it more suitable for using it as a dash cam.

How To Use A GoPro As A Dashcam?

1. Turning It On and Off:

At first, you need to remember that the camera will not turn on and off automatically which means you will have to press and hold the power button once you start driving and press the button on top to make it start recording. You just need to press that button on top once again and you can turn it off whenever you wish to do so. If you want to save the battery of your dashcam, you need to shut it off using the power button. So, it takes two buttons to start and stop video recording using a GoPro.

  • One Button Feature: You can change the settings of the camera from the menu and make the turning on and off feature able to work using a single button press.
  • Using The Backpack Thing By Cam Do
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It is really a compatible device that you can attach to your GoPro’s back and it will automatically turn on and off the GoPro when you start and stop driving respectively.

2. Attaching the Backpack To The Car:

Two USB cables are to be inserted to the Gopro to help it work properly. One USB is attached to the GoPro itself so that it can get charged when you are driving the car and the other one goes into the cam du backpack so that it can sense when your car is getting started or turned off. It is just needed to be connected to the power cable of your car. Then it will automate the turning on and off of your GoPro.

3. Looping Feature For Memory:

As discussed earlier, the GoPro will stop recording once its memory gets filled. It will simply say that it could not let you record more. You will have to delete the old footage to make some space in the memory and record more. In such cases, something has to be done to make it record more without deleting the old recordings every time the memory gets filled. Here comes the looping feature in the picture. This feature, instead of recording forever and saving everything that has been recorded until you hit the stop button.

You can set it to save only the most recent period of time. For example, you are driving for, say three hours and you just want to save the last ten minutes recording of your drive. If something interesting happens, then you just have to stop the GoPro from recording and it will automatically save the recording of the last ten minutes and will automatically delete the rest of the footage.

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If you are one of those people who just say that they have a GoPro and do not want to buy a dashcam for their car and would rather use the GoPro as dashcam, then this article would have been very useful for you.

The two limitations of the GoPro are fixed using the solutions mentioned in the article. Go through it properly to understand all the details. I hope it helps.

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