Vantrue N1 Pro Mini Dash Cam Review

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There are various dashcam in the market that comes along with different sizes, styles, storage, and features. But what matters the most is, are your requirements to a dashcam matching those with the quality products?

So yes, if you are looking for a mini-dashcam with strong features, the Vantrue N1 Pro is perfect as it has a small and stylish, heavy-storage and multi-featured dashcam with easy setup and installation.

Vantrue N1 Pro Mini Dash-Cam Review

We assume you must have surf the net a lot to review different dashcam and now you look forward to gain a bit more knowledge about the Vantrue N1 Pro Mini. So here are the details to them.

Why Choose it? For its Best Design

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Its tiny mini structure comes with a 1.5″ LCD screen and the camera has a 160-degree wide-angle lens that can produce 1080p HD footages for witnessing all the events that you come across your journey. The fact the matters more is that it is designed to support up to 256GB MicroSD, and if it is installed, then you have a non-stop long recording and that makes us worry-free. Its structure design makes it easily fit on your windshield, making to block-views to your driving.

Talking a bit more about its design part, Aside to the LCD screen, there are 4 buttons in a column format that serves the following actions:

  • First – on/off power button,
  • Second – upward selection button that functions as the fast forward playback option and the microphone on/off switch
  • Third – the OK button which starts and stops video recording and functions as the “confirmed” action.
  • Fourth – downward selection button that functions as the slow forward playback button and makes the screen on or off.
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Above the buttons, 2 LED lights indicate the charging and recording functions. This was about the back of the camera.

In the front-side of the camera, there is a pretty logo that identifies the brand and to its right is the camera lens. On the one side, there is a micro USB port that helps us to charge the dashcam or makes data transfer to our PC and there is also a slot to insert the MicroSD Card to keep all your memories in store. While on the top-left of the dashcam there is an emergency-mode button that should be pressed in the case you find a scene to be captured as a photo while recording and a long press to the same button will put the dashcam to the Parking Mode. On the top-right, it has the connection socket that receives the power for the dashcam once it is properly connected to the mount and the mount is plugged-in. And if you are looking for the Factory-Reset button and the HDMI port, they both are located at the bottom of the dashcam.

What are the features that the Camera Posses?

What does it do in terms of its Performance?

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The great performance strategy to Vantrue N1 Pro Mini has no compromise has it comes with a mini structure. Rather their settings to the navigation are quite easy and straightforward. When talking about there image capturing and recording quality, they have mastered the camera in this budgeted price by providing 1080p HD video resolution at 30 frames per second that makes even capturing in the rainy or overcast situations. We should not forget to mention about the Sony EXMOR IMX323 sensor, which makes the footage crystal clear. This makes the ideal recommendation for capturing quality. There might be dashcams available with higher resolution than this, but I bet none must be coming under your budget of $100. The 160-degree angle-wide view leaves zero blind spots to the events that occurs on your ways to work or home, that being a complete witness to any situations and proves the best evidence to your insurance agent if needed.

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Apart from the high resolution, this Vantrue N1 Pro Mini also is famous for its Supreme quality Night Vision that makes sure the images are quite bright and clear in dark situations. Its seamless loop recording feature comes in accordance with the G-Sensor, which detects a collision and locks the recording in cases to avoid the overwriting done by the loop recording function. Also for your complete peace of mind, they come along with the 24-hour parking mode facility that automatically records any motion-detection that happens in front of your car. To keep this function active, you should make sure that the power adapter is plugged into an always-on outlet or hard wired battery. So now, even if the dashcam is off and any motion happens in front of your car, it will wake up and will record of 20 seconds and safe-lock the footage.

The Vantrue N1 Pro also has got the fantastic time-lapse feature that keeps taking the photos at the set intervals and then automatically clutches them into a beautiful video clip and also it reduces the size of the file. This Dashcam has not only got the best video but also the audio feature in it.

Before moving further, a bit about its battery life. They have a 130 mAh battery capacitor that even lets the dashcam capture incident videos when the 12-volt dies. This is another point where Vantrue beats other dashcams to rank higher in its own kind.

What’s Best About It?

  • Supreme Night Vision Clarity
  • Mini-Size that makes an obstruct-free driving
  • Long-battery capacity
  • 12MP Image Resolution
  • Multi-language feature
  • Easy-use of features
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The thing that needs improvement

Only the connector to the windshield mount needs improvements.

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Close-up to the Review:

Now finally, you must have all the important information that is required to make the final decision on whether to buy or not. And I am sure you must be convinced about the features that this Vantrue N1 Pro Mini provides are essential and has everything in capturing great videos and images in all light situations and that too it all comes under the budget of $100.

We hope that the review was helpful in your buying preferences. Let us know in the comment about what made you fall or not in this product.

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