Vava Dash cam Review

Vava Dash cam Review

The dashcam by Vava is modern, elegant in design, and it offers two unique features in its dashcam that 360-degree rotation on its magnetic-coupling, and a very good battery that is able to work in parking mode for up to 72 hours in parking mode. Let us discuss the main points of our Vava Dash Cam review.

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Vava Dash Cam Reviews:

This dashcam has many other amazing features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, iOS, and Android apps, and a separate Bluetooth snapshot button that is able to get placed anywhere in the interior of a car. Vava has even taken care of making the body of the dashcam strong and has incorporated a Sony IMX291 STARVIS sensor.

Design Of Vava Dash Cam:

The Vava Dash Cam at first glance seems like a thick rounded hockey puck but packed in a good way. It sticks magnetically to the suction mount, which makes it able to rotate in full 360 degrees to record and capture anything happening anywhere.

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But there is one thing that is unexpected about this dash cam arrangement which is that the suction mount is considered sticky and it is known to pick up almost every piece of hair or lint in the area around it in case it gets dropped. When you are fixing it to the windshield, you need to do it with a good amount of force and if you drop it, clear it using lukewarm water only and no chemical soaps should be used.

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Or you can even permanently attach the mount with double-sided sticky tape after locating a suitable place to fix it. Since is dashcam by vava can easily get detached, it is recommended that vava offers a good solution to the mounting problem.

Vava Dash cam Features

The Vava Dash Cam gets its power with the help of its micro-USB jack. The company provides both a USB cable and an auxiliary power adapter having two standard USB ports with the dashcam. The GPS unit is inline on the USB cable instead of being in the unit itself.

On the opposite side of the lens, there is a rubber cover that pops off in order to reveal the slot for the SDHC card and there are two little lights to show the status, red indicates the recording of the incident and other negative things like full memory cards, errors, etc and blue indicates the normal working of the dashcam.

VaVa also provides its customers with a dashcam app for your iOS or Android device that can be used for watching the current feed, offloading the videos, and changing various settings. VaVa provides all the essential features such as parking mode, resolution, and G-sensor sensitivity. App’s functions can be accessed simply by logging onto the Vava dashcam’s Wi-Fi hotspot using mobile phone, then connecting through the application.


The dashcam by Vava records continuously and writes over the oldest material whenever required. But, it will save videos you start saving by pressing some button in addition to the videos of the incidents that are triggered by its G-sensor in case something hits. The G-sensor is set a bit too sensitive for the harsh road or track. This can be lowered simply using the phone app.

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Video Quality:

The quality of the Vava dashcam’s 60-frames-per-second, 1080p resolution video is quite impressive. Daytime video is a little darker as compared to others, and it is not too much color-saturated, but it is quite sharp and smooth. Overall, the video shot by this dashcam is really okay for any kind of legal use and can be considered quite good, if not the best seen so far.

Due to the presence of the STARVIS sensors, the nighttime video is really excellent from the Vava Dash Cam. Nighttime video is considered of very good quality by most of the customers as it is able to capture all the good details and compensates for lacking headlights or any other lighting very politely whenever needed, for example in case when you turn your headlights off.

Battery Life And Power:

In our Vava Dash Cam review, the 320mAh battery is considered quite good even to turn on your dashcam even when your car is turned off and left for a while—such as in some parking area or somewhere else. In most of the cases, the camera lasts for the better part of the maximum of three days and it even chirps whenever you disturb it. If somewhat more is required, then you will have to hard-wire this unit to a 12-volt source that works constantly. VaVa does not provide any kit, but it is a small chore which you can do yourself or you can even hire a professional installer for this.

The dashcam by Vava has been tested for a wide range of temperatures from minus 4 degrees to 158 degrees Fahrenheit in order to know whether it withstand all weather conditions or not. Due to the presence of a shielding or covering, the dashcam is recommended when there is a long-time exposure to hot weather conditions.

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After going through the Vava Dash Cam review, it is one you will actually want to keep. The Vava dash cam is quite a lot stylish and elegant. Once you get used to all the features such as the magnetic coupling mount, 360-degree swivel, a Bluetooth remote button, and parking capturing mode even without any hard-wiring, it seems almost impossible to live without them. In conclusion, it can be said that this is a very impressive product by Vava.

I hope this article proves to be useful to you in deciding whether this dashcam contains all the features you are looking for in a dashcam.

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