VIOFO Compact A119 V2 Dash Cam Review

In the summer of 2017, the company released an updated version of the Viofo A119 that is known as Viofo compact A119 v2. The difference between these two is that the A119 v2 consists of a different shape GPS mount and the electrical contacts that connect the camera to the mount are arranged in a different way.

The Viofo A119 v2 has better connectivity due to the improvement in the GPS mount because there was an issue with the previous GPS mount that caused some cameras to shut down randomly. The two dash cams cannot be interchanged. So, it is not possible to use an A119 dashcam with the updated GPS mount.

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VIOFO Compact A119 V2 Full Review

We have extensively reviewed the VIOFO A119 V2 so that you can make a purchase decision.

Viofo Compact A119 V2 Design 

The design of this dashcam can be called the ultimate Stealthy Design. The body of this camera is very compact and is black in color.

The A119 v2 dashcam is well hidden behind the windshield of your car and thus eliminates a distraction while driving. In this way, it has a hand in keeping the original style of your car a lot uniform and beautiful.

Viofo A119 V2 Features

  • Maximum resolution is 2560×1440 at 30fps
  • Bit rate is 20 Mbps
  • Aperture is f/1.8
  • Screen 2 inches
  • Optional GPS in mount
  • Size is 85mm x 52mm x 36mm
  • Novatek 96660 processor
  • OmniVision OV4689 sensor
  • Angle of view is 160° diagonal
  • Video format is simple mp4
  • Supports up to 128 GB MicroSD cards (over 14 hours)
  • The operating temperature can be from -10°C to 65°C (14°F to 149°F)
  • Time or date or speed stamp on the video
  • Loop recording, auto on and off, G-Sensor, motion detection
  • CPL filter available separately (A119 V2 only)
  • Interfaces are USB and AV
  • Lock file button
  • Internal capacitor instead of batter
  • Internal microphone and speaker (mutable)
  • Wedge shape
  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Front Collision Warning System
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Rotatable Lens

Due to the presence of rotatable lens on the VIOFO A119 V2 dash cam, the view angle can be easily adjusted from the top to bottom and from left to right. This gives the driver a lot of flexibility in finding the angle which is most appropriate for recording something important.

Super Capacitors

The VIOFO A119 V2 is known to use a supercapacitor in place of a battery in order to store and release power. The consumer does not have to think about excessive heating in the summer or a battery dying due to cold in the winter season.

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Video Quality:

People consider the VIOFO A119 V2 as a dash cam that has a decent video quality and is user-friendly. Some users say that the quality of the videos shot by this camera in day time is pretty great and people are pretty impressed with the night time quality as well although it is not able to capture the license plates during nights. The lens of this dashcam has a better edge to edge focus in this version.

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GPS Mount And GPS Module:

The GPS mount of the VIOFO Compact A119 V2 allows the cable to come straight off the top of the camera which is really nice if the drivers want to mount it near the top of the windshield.

Footage of this dashcam is considered fantastic and the camera is very easy to position due to the mounting feature. The GPS feature works very fine, although sometimes it may take a few seconds to locate a particular place.

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There is no built-in memory in the VIOFO A119 V2. So, a microSD card is always required for recording. The Samsung EVO is the recommended card brand to get and it is also recommended to avoid the Sandisk.

This camera works similar to a card reader when the short mini USB cable is plugged into the camera and the computer. One can also get a regular USB memory card reader from anywhere instead of this.

Parking Mode:

The parking mode is basically a mode in which the camera keeps recording even if the car is not moving or the ignition of the car is not turned on.

This mode proves very useful if in case your neighborhood drivers crash into cars that are parked in the parking area often as it provides you with evidence who it was and when, and if the driver fled the scene.

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So, this is beneficial even when you are not near your vehicle and it simply means you do not have to bother about your car when it is parked as it is safe now and every activity will be recorded.


People usually observe two parts while judging a dashcam. First one is whether the camera uses capacitors or lithium-ion batteries and the capacitors are much preferred as there are fewer chances that they will fail, especially in the sun.

The second thing is long-term reliability. The A119V2 dashcam uses capacitors, and it also has excellent reliability that a lot of people who have used it recommend it to others.

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Customer Service:

If something gets wrong with your dashcam, you will want quick help from the manufacturer or their retailers. Viofo has great retailers in the USA or Canada (OCD Tronic, BlackBoxMyCar) who have been great with customers in the past years.

However, Viofo’s direct support is not that good. But they are doing a lot better and they have local offices which have a generous replacement policy.

Error Notifications:

These are the notifications that you come across when your camera has problems in recording. Everyone wants both an audible as well a written alert letting you know about the problem.

The VIOFO Compact A119 V2 is known to detect all kinds of errors and it notifies you with a persistent beep and warning message disappears after a second. But, at least the messages come back if the record button is pressed.

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Overall, the VIOFO Compact A119 V2 is the best budget dash cam. There are a lot of smaller things such as a ton of accessories, extensive camera settings customization, and protective packaging apart from the bigger features that capture the attention.

I hope this review article helps.

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