Waylens Secure360 Review

Waylens Secure360 Review

If you do not have a good feeling about where you parked your car, Waylens Secure 360 dashcam is a very convenient way to keep an eye on your car. We will do a detailed Waylens Secure360 review today!

This award-winning camera gets mounted on your windshield, and its unique qualities such as the 4G capability of this dashcam make you able to review any 360° video recording this camera records.

In addition to the location tracking feature, this dashcam also ensures that there is an instantly accessible, unlimited view of what is in front of you, beside you, and who is behind the wheel. More features of the camera are described in detail in this review article below.

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 Features Of Waylens Secure360

  • A dashcam with GPS and 360° wide-angle lens.
  • It also includes 3M adhesive and vehicle power cable to ensure permanent installation.
  • Built-in G-sensor.
  • Records audio and HD video with HDR.
  • Uses a smartphone app for viewing and playback and capable of split-screen.
  • Gets connected to a smartphone via built-in 4G.
  • Data plan subscription service required.
  • Real-time event alerts, location tracking, and video streaming from a smart device.
  • Video is presented along with accurate time, date, location data, and speed of the vehicle.
  • Parking mode for extra security for up to 360 hours (15 days) unattended.
  • The proximity sensor helps to detect any movement near the vehicle and activates the camera.
  • Record audio and video onto cloud storage and microSD card (not included) up to 256GB.
  • An application to watch videos in split-screen mode or in immersive mode.
  • Warranty: 1 year.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
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Video Quality:

The Waylens Secure360 is known to use a very high-end image sensor consisting of an f/2.0 aperture lens having 7 glass elements. This ensures that the quality of the video is incredibly sharp and detailed and at the same time allows a large quantity of light to hit the sensor. This light gets transmitted to an ultra-sensitive HD video sensor working well in both light and dark circumstances.

The sensor is known to have a much higher dynamic range than the normal cameras. However, images may appear a little washed out and may get lacked in contrast. It is very rare that you find something that is too dark to make out, or too bright to see. You usually just get a flat as well as a detailed video of the world around you. 360 video recording is done in a common TS format. You generally see a normal field of view. You can simply swipe your finger around in order to focus again that lets you enjoy the video.

Detection Of Incidents:

Waylens’ built-in shock sensor makes it sure that anything and everything from a slight bump to a serious accident will wake the Secure360 to record whatever is happening to your vehicle. The camera gives you an alert and you become able to see the video that got uploaded to Waylens Cloud Storage.

Theft Deterrence:

If something shady comes close to your vehicle, the Secure360 gives you an alert by flashing light to let whatever is approaching you to know that the dashcam is recording.

A Complete Presentation:

Built-in GPS provides the exact location of your video and audio that makes the presentation of an incident more accurate, and multiple view capability captures events happening behind the wheel in addition to the road in front.

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Impressive quality:

In our Waylens Secure360 review, we knew that not only it supports an extremely good field of view, but it also features HD video enhanced with HDR for crisp imaging all day and night. Waylens has also made this dashcam capable of managing the power very efficiently whenever your vehicle is not attended by you, so it can monitor up to 15 days without you turning your car on which is for sure a great option for long-term parking during your next big drive.

Service Subscription Needed:

If you want to access the Secure360’s live video remotely from your smartphone and back up events to the cloud, you will be required to subscribe to Waylen’s 4G data plan.

Driving Mode:

Driving mode of this dashcam means it works simply like a dashcam in this mode. It records videos constantly as long as your car is turned on. All the data recorded is uploaded to Waylen’s cloud and is also analyzed. If any abnormal movement or activity is detected by the dashcam, the video is flagged at that time.

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The free app can be used in order to view a highlight reel of any clips that the camera detected as being abnormal or you can simply view the whole recording as a simple standard video file.

Parking Mode:

In our Waylens Secure360 review, we found that the parking mode makes it work a little differently. The dashcam in this mode is technically turned off, although many sensors are actively monitoring the surroundings. If any kind of bump, collision, or break-in is detected by the dashcam, the camera boots up immediately. In addition to this, a notification is sent to your phone that allows you to review the clip or start a live video of your car.

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In case a break-in is detected, a number of lights illuminate the camera so anyone suspicious will know that they’re being recorded by the camera in the car.

Cons Of Waylens Secure360:

  • There is no SD card included in Waylens Secure360 dash cam by the company.
  • The cloud storage is somewhat limited.

So, storage is the only big disadvantage considered.


After the Waylens Secure360 review, we found that this dashcam has a lot of cool features. Waylens Secure360 dash cam is a great example of how small companies can innovate. It is not that cheap but has proven to be useful in a lot of circumstances. I hope after reading this review article you are able to decide whether or not you should consider Waylens Secure360 dash cam.

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