WheelWitness HD Pro Dash Cam Detailed Review

WheelWitness HD Pro Dash Cam Detailed Review

So still confused with which dashcam to install in your car? Why don’t you have a keen read to this review on WheelWitness HD Pro dash cam? We bet this will be your choice.

Let us dive into this article where we discuss about about time with this popular dash camera.

What Makes WheelWitness HD PRO’s Capturing So Special?

Everyone whats to know the features a dashcam posses in its camera. So here that’s first:

  • 2560×1080 / 2306x1296P Super HD Resolution: We guess by reading this figure you must have got convinced about the high-quality capturing-power of this dashcam. This kind of resolution brings a promising quality to your image and footage.
  • Super HDR Night Vision: Dashcam with no great night vision is just useless. But worry-not-at-all, the Wheelwitness HD Pro dash cam has got the best all-weather and light situation recording. (may that be sunny, rainy, dusty or night) all thanks to the WDR feature and Ambarella A7LA50 processor in them.
  • 170 degrees Wide Angle View: Getting the bright images at night is not enough if the dashcam can’t cover a wide view ahead to your car. The WheelWitness has got a 170 Degree Angle viewing Lens that makes no blind spot to any occurring on your path.

So, by now you must be wondering what other than camera performance. Let move ahead to the next question.

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What About Its Design And Layout?

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This model is quite good with its design part as well. It has got a 3″ color LCD screen that previews all that is capturing in the camera. They also make the setting easy by displaying various options on the screen by using the respective buttons.

There are four physical buttons, two on each side of the screen that serves the following actions:

  • Left top corner – Ok/Manual Record Button
  • Left bottom corner – Menu Button
  • Right Top corner – EV/Up Button
  • Right bottom corner – Mode/Down Button

On the front of the camera, there is a microphone to get all the voices to the footages and to its right is the Wide-Angle lens to capture all that goes around the town.

To the bottom of the camera, there is a system reset button to get all your settings back to the factory and to its right is the memory card slot which can bear up to 64GB of MicroSD. The company has some recommended SD cards to get the best benefits. Check out this Image.

The right side of the camera is stuffed with various functions. Let’s Look into it:

  • To the top, there is the GPS Port which is completely optional to you.
  • Next, there is a manual power button to get your dashcam on as per your desire.
  • Further, there are three light indicators, red, blue and green to indicate power/charging, recording and GPS(optional) respectively.

Lastly, to the left of the camera, there are three ports for DC IN-Power, HDMI and USB respectively.

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To end with it, we would include that WheelWitness has got a very user-friendly design that makes ease of use to the system.

What’s In The Box?

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In the box, they have got everything that’s important and needed to cut down extra costs for their users. Here the list goes:

  • WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam
  • Removable suction cup mount
  • USB power cord (12 feet)
  • GPS addon
  • 2 sticky mounts
  • 16GB microSD card (surprisingly not many dashcams has got it)
  • USB data to a computer cable
  • User Manual

Well, enough accessories are added to get started with the functioning of the dashcam.

What About Its Installation & Battery?

As we saw above, that all the accessories are provided with the dashcam to install it with no hassle. The 2 sticky mount makes it easy for you to reinstall the dashcam into multiple vehicles. To get an easy start, just plug in the power chord into the cigarette lighter outlet of your car.

Before that pop-in the MicroSD that’s provided in the box to get your recording rolling. They have also got the built-in battery, but its quite small only up to 450 mAh Li-Ion, which works up to 10-15 minutes when fully charged.

What Do We Like About WheelWitness HD Pro?

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Here are the few best things we like about the WheelWitness HD Pro:

  • Best 2K HD Resolution Capturing Camera
  • Addon GPS with the Most accurate locations that get included in your videos
  • Super Clear Night Vision with no blind spot
  • And not to forget, Free 16 GB MicroSD
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What Needs Improvement?

The moon also has flaws, then why can’t such normal things!

Yes, this dashcam that we claim to be the best of best has yet got some things that need to get improved. Not too many, but here the list goes:

  • Smallish 450 mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Slightly heavy and big in compared to the other Mini-dashcam

Let’s Conclude

We have provided all the information about Wheel Witness HD Pro dash cam that we got. Now its time to get this review concluded.

To add to it, we haven’t mentioned the essential features that all the dashcam posses and so does this, that is G-sensor, loop recording, and motion detection. Not to worry, that works all very well.

Further, we believe that this review was useful in making the right choice for your buying decision. Dropdown your comments on this as this would encourage us to get on more such helpful reviews on your way to know more about all the dashcam essentials.

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