Yi Smart Dash Cam Review

I always thought having a dash cam was simply a waste of money until when I had a friend who recently got his dispute of an accident got settled in his favor because he had a dash-cam installed on his dashboard with all the evidence in it. In this article, we have a complete Yi Smart dash cam review.

Having a Dash Cam that to a banded and with high-quality is truly a blessing to get saved with hundreds of dollars by acting as a proof to your insurance agency.
I truly recommend Yi Smart Dash-Cam as it is proven with all its features stated.

Yi Smart Dash Cam Review


Let’s explore this little budgeted dash-cam to have a deep understanding of why to purchase it for long-run usage.

Yi Smart Dash Camera Video Quality

Video Quality being the most important element in the dash-cam, we should never compromise in it. Yi Smart Dash Cam is among those which provide clear and bright recording with a benefit over others having a165 degree wide-angle glass lens and an aperture of f/1.8 that can capture the wide country roads even in low light conditions.

Yi Smart Dash Camera has these three qualities of Recording:

  • 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps
  • 1920 x 1080p @ 30 & 60 fps
  • 2304 x 1296 @ 30fps
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Installation Of Yi Smart Dash Camera

It has a Straightforward setup technic that can be done just in a go. So how it’s done? just install the 3M sticky mount, route your 3.5m micro-USB cable around the car, plug in the power socket into the cigarette lighter and here we are Done!

There are two options to replay your footage,

  • either remove and insert the memory card into your laptop or
  • connect the dash-cam via Wifi with the Yi App that can be downloaded in your Smart Phones.

The app also allows us to download the videos and set the resolution and white balance.

Additional Features

  1. This amazing product also has a 2.7″ screen that has large buttons and user-friendly icons for quick recognition and intuitive operation.
  2. A must-have feature that makes the dash-cams expensive is the ADAS- Advanced Driver Assistance System. But we are glad to inform that this feature is added in our Yi product that comes in your budget.
  3. ADAS is a system that analyses the speed and distance of the car in front, alerting the driver if they travel too close to the car in front.
  4. But it is not a big success in Yi Smart Dash Cam.
  5. Another feature in the list is the ‘G sensor’ which detects the emergency and immediately starts the recording which gets locked and protected.

Battery Life Of Yi Smart Dash Cam

The Yi Smart Dashcam has a 240mAh lithium polymer battery that is designed to have a short use in emergencies when not connected with the power.

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To keep all your recordings in place we recommend that your Yi Smart Dash Cam should always be plugged.

What’s Comes Along The Dash cam?

So here is the list of things you will be able to find in the box along with the Yi Smart Dash cam:

  • user guide, –
  • a micro-USB cable,
  • USB car charging adapter and
  • the 3M adhesive mounting bracket.

Insight into the benefits and things that needs improvement:

Benefits Of Yi Smart Dash Cam:

  • Budget Price Tag
  • Good Low Light Recording
  • Easy Setup and Installation
  • Emergency Recording
  • 3.5m Power Micro-USB Cable

Need to Improve:

  • Should be more than 3M Permanent Mount Supplied
  • Mount is a bit fiddly at first
  • ADAS doesn’t work as expected.


If you are looking for a dash cam with all the high-quality essential features that to in budget then you have landed right on the review of Yi Smart Dash Cam. They are a reliable partner in your journey that can record clear footage to witness your moments while driving. They make downloads and viewing of the recording easy, all thanks to the App Developed by Yi.

Lastly, We firmly recommend this under the budget Dash Cam from Yi.

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